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Chemicals and Mass Hysteria

How the debate on vaccinations is still alive and well on the forefront of medicine and childhood development is absolutely mind-boggling. It’s a prime example of how planting a seed of doubt can turn into a deep-rooted network of paranoia and bad information. Reason has no place here. As more data and studies come out, buttressing the long-standing notion that ...

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Be Independent, Just Like Mommy

Unless you’re a narcissist or lack a moral compass, you want what’s best for your offspring. All parents do. But the means to that same end vary from parent to parent because…well… we all have different ideas of what “the best” looks like. Teaching our kids how to make their own, informed decisions is not a new concept. It’s this ...

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“Teach A Man To Fish”: When Did We Stop Doing This?

I love Mike Rowe. He embodies everything that our great nation stands for: hard work, determination, and ethos. He’s a real “man’s man” who isn’t afraid to get dirty or tell it like it is. If you aren’t familiar with Mike Rowe, let me provide a little background. Rowe is a jack-of-all-trades who stars on Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and ...

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The Realities of Dating as a Single Mom

I haven’t looked at my phone all day. I’ve been up since 5:30 am and haven’t stopped since. These days, I feel like I’m in a fog, going through the motions just to keep me and my son’s head above water. Shower, dress, make breakfast, chug coffee, get my son ready for daycare, drop him off at school, drive to ...

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Praise Is Not Indebted To Your Child – It’s Earned

Last week, my two-year-old son “graduated” from PreK 1 into PreK 2. His daycare celebrated this milestone with a cap and gown ceremony. In order for our family to participate, his father and I had to pony up $40 for a cap and gown and take a half day from work so we could watch him walk across a makeshift ...

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I Need All You Husbands To Listen Up

A recently-divorced family friend came over a few nights ago. He was going through a rough time and needed to vent/cool off. The night started pleasant enough but as the booze continued to pour, he began discussing his breakup – and things got somber… pretty fast. According to Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s “Five Stages of Grievance,” my friend is still in ...

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