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I Am Now Inclined To Believe Tara Reade

In virtually all the #MeToo cases, I have held to the legal standard that proof is the essential factor.  I have written at length against believing a woman who cannot produce proof.  I know that sexual assault cases can be very difficult to prove, but that is still no reason to make a mere accusation sufficient evidence to punish the ...

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Snippets of News Worthy of Noting

What is Pelosi telling us? While the Senate has been in Washington doing the people’s business, the House has been exercising house-arrest back home.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sees no reason to bring her members back to work.  From that, we can only conclude she does not see the House of Representatives as an essential business.  Okay.  I can go ...

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Going Out During A Pandemic

During the lockdown, I have been going out for food and medicine – and picking up an occasional meal at a favorite restaurant.  The world looks to me far different than the reports on television.  Of course, they are all New York-centric.  Those folks have little knowledge or understand what is happening outside of Manhattan. In stores here in Palm ...

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COVID-19 and Mothers’ Day

The most important non-Communist holiday in May is Mothers’ Day.  This is not just the other side of June’s Fathers’ Day celebration.  It is the difference between a society gala and a tailgate party.  Fathers are merely to genuflect at the pedestal upon which we place our mothers. This is the one occasion of the year in which we honor ...

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