New Voter Registrations Plummeting, Posing Threat to Biden

Joe Biden may be facing a new-voter problem, which the coronavirus pandemic isn’t helping.

Data from April and May show a dramatic drop in those looking to cast a vote for the first time this November. First-time voters, often on the younger side, were crucial in the 2008 and 2012 wins by President Barack Obama and Biden, his vice president.

In Florida, for example, new voter registrations have dropped 60% compared to numbers seen in 2016, according to data gathered by The Civics Center. Democrats are hoping to gin up enthusiasm among those under 25 to help swing the state back to their column after losing it to President Trump in the last election.

The numbers are even starker in Wisconsin, which in April saw a 88% drop in new registration compared to four years before. Read more…

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