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Snippets: Cohen out, Pocahontas in?, Covid-19 deaths and planned non-parenting

Michael Cohen out

Former Trump Organization attorney who unsuccessfully flipped on President Trump is out of prison because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  He has been furloughed – as they put it.

You will recall that in exchange for claiming he had the goods on Trump, Cohen got a relatively light sentence for his crimes of tax evasion, perjury and other miscellaneous misdeeds.  He promised to tell all in return.  As it turned out, he did not have a lot to tell – and least nothing beyond a bunch of unsubstantiated claims.

Regardless, House Democrats showcased Cohen’s dubious claims in a special hearing.  He offered to tell more, but even the FBI expressed disinterest based on his propensity to lie.  How long this furlough may be – or if he is out permanently – remains unknown.


Pocahontas in?

Pundits are currently leaning to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as Joe Biden’s pick as a running mate.  In many ways that would be a surprising choice.  Can Warren bring real benefit to the ticket or would she be just another surrender to symbolism and political correctness? Would Warren be another Sarah Palin – the pick of GOP presidential candidate John McCain in 2008.

For a few days, Palin looked like an ingenious choice.  Unfortunately, she turned out to be a drag on a ticket that already had a lot of drag.  Warren would not be the first. In 1984, Democrat presidential candidate Walter Mondale selected Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate.  If not a drag on the ticket, she did not help — and the first man/woman presidential team in American history lost in 49 states – avoiding a wipeout by narrowly winning Mondale’s home state of Minnesota.

The theory is that Warren is a balance to Biden’s moderate views.  What moderate views, we might ask?  Biden should also consider that Warren did not do well in the primaries because … well … she is just not likable.  She also has at least as many credibility issues as Biden, himself.  Then there all those terrible things she said about Biden – fodder for Republican negative ads. Do Democrats really want to go into battle with two aging progressive east coast establishment elitists?  We can only hope.


New York Times blames Trump for 35,000 deaths

For weeks, the #AntiTrump media has been advancing a totally ridiculous narrative that President Trump is somehow personally responsible for thousands of people dying from Covid-19.  That is like saying that President Franklin Roosevelt is personally responsible for the approximately 420,000 American service personnel who died in World War II – and a lot of innocent civilians who died in such cities as Berlin, Dresden, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Yes, we were attacked by a deadly force and had to fight back.  But still … fighting back against the Japanese and German military meant condemning many fine young Americans to death. It is also like saying President Obama is personally responsible for all those people who did in the deadly migration following his walking away from the rebels in Syria.   In today’s case, it was not an enemy army that attacked America, but a virus.

Suddenly we were in a biological war in which many folks would lose their lives under any circumstances.  The left says some would have been saved if Trump had taken certain actions in January.  Trump says his decision to cut travel to the U. S. from  China and Europe saved lives – and he uses the scientists one projection of more than 2.4 million potential deaths as evidence.

This is an argument not even worth having – unless the progressives want to blame the ineptness of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio for the extraordinary number of deaths in New York.  But of course, the east coast media never blames Democrats.


Planned non-parenting

Every time the issue of Planned Parenthood comes up, I cannot help but think it was a fraudulent name.  They are more in the business of planning to prevent parenthood.  It is a bit like having Murder, Inc. being referred to as “population reduction specialists.”

Planned Parenthood came into the news because they dishonestly, immorally and potentially illegally grabbed off $80 million of the stimulus money earmarked for small business.  Their “small business” is a $2 billion operation with 600 employees at its headquarters and another 16,000 workers in all those facilities they place in black neighborhoods.  Aborting babies – selling the body parts — is definitely a BIG business.

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