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New #coronaviruschallenge has millennials licking public toilets for social media status

Just when you thought millennials couldn’t get any crazier… Lately, there are online influencers who have created a challenge known as the #coronaviruschallenge and it is not only disgusting, but it has already proven to be deadly.

The challenge itself only involves one person who is willing to get on their knees and bow down to a dirty public toilet. After kneeling, the person then licks the toilet seat. It’s enough to make any person watching the video want to barf.

When asked why they accepted this stupid challenge they all said the same thing: to enhance their online status. The sad thing is that they all received attention from the media because everyone who saw the challenge complained that it was dangerous. As a matter of fact, one of the influencers who decided to accept the challenge ended up in the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19.

Whether he got the virus from the toilet seat or not is up for speculation. However, licking the toilet probably didn’t help his cause any.

I can’t say that all millennials are empty-headed, attention-seeking nuts, because not all millennials are foolish enough to do anything for status. Saying all millennials for anything would be unfair and incorrect. However, there are enough of them to show that there is indeed something missing. Do we blame the parents of these young people who find themselves willing to risk their lives for online attention? Did they not get enough attention at home—or worse—did they get too much?

Either way, we are all witnessing some of the most outrageous acts being done by a generation of youth who are so lost in their need to be accepted that they just can’t seem to think rationally. The moment we witness a person getting on their knees to lick a toilet that was used by hundreds of strangers is the moment we know that the coronavirus is the last thing that we need to worry about.

Try worrying over the fact that these are the future leaders of this country and that we will someday rely on them to make this world a better place for us all. Sorry, but licking toilets is not something that would serve as a good resume builder, in my opinion. It’s also not something that would make anyone feel secure that these are the folks who will contribute to a world that will be safe and secure for all that inhabit it.

All in all, the #coronaviruschallenge is becoming something that is beyond the mere challenge of surviving the virus itself. Now, the challenge has extended to seeing who can get the virus first. Not only is this challenge frightening, but it is also a revelation of the current mindset of some people who are missing a few marbles.

There isn’t much that can be done to help folks who are willing to lick a dirty toilet just to gain online status, so I won’t even try. I can only continue talking to my own children and teach them that common sense is to be embraced and respected.

It’s something that every parent should do if we want to ensure a brighter future for us all. Until then, expect to see the worse competing with the worst for attention.

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