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What is Pelosi telling us?

While the Senate has been in Washington doing the people’s business, the House has been exercising house-arrest back home.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sees no reason to bring her members back to work.  From that, we can only conclude she does not see the House of Representatives as an essential business.  Okay.  I can go with that.


Does Biden have an appetite for Rice?

STOP THE PRESS.  BREAKING NEWS!!!  Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice has confirmed that she WOULD accept if Joe Biden were to invite her to be his vice-presidential running mate.  Susan … so would I.  And I think my chances of getting picked are as good as yours.


Republican wins Democrat congressional seat

The major media sure celebrates when a Democrat takes a Republican congressional seat.  It is BIG news that day – and gets regurgitated in follow up stories for days and weeks afterward.  But (no surprise here) the opposite gets very little attention.  It seems overlooked by the pro-Democrat press that Republican Mike Garcia recently beat Democrat Christy Smith in a Democrat district in California, no less.  The guy is a minority candidate – which the press pretends does not exist in the GOP.  He beat a Democrat woman – which they suggest are unbeatable.  And he did it in a state that is not supposed to have any Republicans – and at a time when the media deems Republicans in general as politically toxic.  He won with – or because of—the endorsement of President Trump – which the left believes is politically fatal.


Another left-wing narrative dies

Cases of Covid-19 continue to DECLINE in Georgia three weeks after Governor Brian Kemp started easing restrictions.  This might not be a noteworthy story if the left-wing media had not been viscously slamming Kemp for what they predicted would be an outbreak of new cases.  For weeks, the left-wing media hammed the Peach State governor unmercifully as reckless and irresponsible.  If you hear of an apology, let me know.


Hydroxychloroquine is okay again?

Hydroxychloroquine is back in the news. A growing number of doctors are reporting that the drug DOES seem to ease the symptoms of Covid-19 and speeds up recovery in a significant number of patients.  One doctor who prescribed the drug to a number of infected patients called hydroxychloroquine a lifesaver. This following news reports accusing President Trump of quackery for saying positive things about the potential of the drug.  Doctors say it works and agenda-driven reporters say it does not.  Remind me.  To whom have we been advised to listen?


Voting in the Covid-19 era

There is a lot of debate about vote-by-mail – as well there should be.  Despite the assurances of the democrats and their media allies, it creates serious opportunities for vote fraud.  That is because mailed ballots travel outside any protective barriers.  Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is putting California on mail balloting to eliminate people having to bump into each other.  Interestingly, the Governors is not banning “vote harvesting” in which a political operative gathers the votes from large numbers of people – in many cases from the residents of senior homes and final-care facilities.  This puts the political operative in close contact to high-risk people.  Still …. Newsom has not seen any reason to suspend the practice.  It is also a practice fraught with illegal activities.  Maybe that is why the Governor is allowing it to continue.


Polar Bears

You should be aware that the Al Gore/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faction of the climate environmentalists have been using the fear of Polar Bear extinction as one of the tragic outcomes of climate warming.  Their narrative is not top news today, but it is persistent in the background. The former Vice President and the congresswoman apparently did not get the memo from the scientific community that notes that the majestic white beasts of the frozen tundra are actually increasing in number.  There is a decline in some “communities” of bears where there is significant ice melting – specifically the group near Hudson Bay.  But the overall population is increasing to now more than 30,000 – up from less than 10,000 a couple of generations ago.  Polar Bears are not dying off, but rather relocating and propagating in more suitable regions.  Thought you would like to know.



Speaking of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she did NOT say something stupid TODAY – as far as anyone knows.  She might not have said anything at all.


So, there ‘tis.

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