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Quebec Schools To Reopen As Germophobic Youth Prisons

Breaking news from the “Department of This Can’t Be Good”:  plans to reopen schools in Quebec, Canada, show prison-like conditions for kids who will be taught to obey authority and fear others.

Dave Cullen says in his YouTube video “The People We Are Becoming,” that lining up outside grocery stores while keeping 6 feet apart from others, generally demoralized, is “awful” and accomplishes several goals at once for government officials who seek to rob citizens of their civil rights:

  • It prepares the populace for food shortages
  • It proves that widespread social conditioning and mass behavior modification is possible
  • It divides and isolates the populace and makes people treat each other with suspicion and fear
  • It breaks social trust
  • It helps condition the populace to associate being in public places as unpleasant and filled with arbitrary and cumbersome rules
  • It makes shopping for groceries “a pain,” thus encouraging people to stay home and order their groceries online, having them delivered to their homes

Cullen was responding to an article featured in Organic Prepper titled “What Will Schools Look Like After COVID? Prison Camps. They’ll Look Like Prison Camps.” In it, Daisy Luther shared guidelines for reopening one school in Quebec on May 19, 2020, when classes resume Province-wide.

Some of the highlights of the New World Order’s next phase of restricting society by teaching compliance over creativity include:

Students will be assigned new classrooms with different students and must not expect to return to their regular class with their classmates. This weakens the bonds of friendship that are fundamental to a child’s positive emotional development.

Students will spend their entire day (including lunchtime) in their assigned seats. This will prove challenging at best for the most adept instructor. Diagnosed cases of ADHD are sure to rise as naturally fidgety kids “act out” their pent-up energies. Who wouldn’t rebel against sitting in a dunce chair all day, every day?

No physical materials will be transported back and forth between home & school with no sharing of any items (pencils, pens, sharpeners, wax crayons, rulers, toys) permitted. Yet, all students must bring in their personal, labeled, and filled water bottle as water fountains won’t be available. But wait, there’s more:

Masks and gloves will not be provided but students are certainly welcomed to bring these items from home and are also invited to carry their own personal disinfecting wipes with them if they wish.

There will be no cafeteria service or Home & School pizza and frozen yogurt days. This means packing lunches from – guess where? Yup, home.

The school recommends your child brings a book or two of interest from home to read.

Let’s see what these students in Quebec will need to take to school (without transporting them):

  • Pencils, pens, sharpeners, wax crayons, rulers, toys
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch
  • Books
  • Masks, gloves, and disinfecting wipes (personal protective equipment or PPE)

That’s a lot of stuff not going back and forth between home and school that is supposed to go back and forth between home and school. Just sayin’.

When weather permits, recess breaks will be held outdoors and will entail walking outside safely distanced from one another in a prearranged pattern. Sounds like a prison walk to me. No running, jumping, skipping or playing on the tantalizing equipment that is off-limits in the yard with them.

To establish total dominance over the student population and weaken them and their immune systems, there will be no physical activity taking place in the gym, no art classes, no library periods, and no drama classes. The New World Order doesn’t want the next generations to be fit, strong, expressive, and inventive. Conformity and submission are the lessons taught here.

Groups of students will not be permitted to gather together. So much for human bonding and learning how to deal with people face-to-face. Back to your screens, youngsters, so the government can sniff all your communications!

Bathroom visits will be monitored/escorted so that proper disinfection by our caretakers can follow before another student uses the facilities. What adults will be doing this forced escort service, do we want them in a bathroom with kids, and doesn’t this teach kids to associate authoritative control with a basic human need?

Lockers will no longer be used. Students will stow their spring/summer jackets behind their chairs and their school bags under their assigned desks. Sounding more like a crowded prison cell now, eh? What happens when winter rolls around with heavy snow gear?

Fundraisers and after-school activities are banned. Translated: schools will go broke and kids with a lot of energy and nothing much to do will hit the streets. Will there be a consequential rise in juvenile delinquency and youth crimes?

Here’s a real stunner:

Activities completed while in school will not be evaluated or graded. This teaches students that their performance and work products are worthless. How is this supposed to prepare anyone for the realities of adulthood?

But this is the most chilling warning of the complete control the government of Quebec wants on its schoolchildren: Parent volunteers will not be permitted in school. Can’t have any outside eyes prying into the youth prison camp.

As more evidence surfaces that global governments have been planning current coronavirus response measures for more than a year – perhaps years – there is increasing cause for alarm where the children of all nations are concerned.

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