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Beware These Bizarre COVID-19 Myths

As the time we have had to face dealing with the coronavirus has stretched from weeks to months, there has been no lack of bizarre theories about where it came from, or how to cure it.

Some of the “conspiracy theories” surrounding COVID-19 are easily dismissed, others sound so plausible, that it is easy to believe they could be true. Here are some definitively debunked myths about COVID-19 that you need to be aware of.

The Flu Is More Contagious and More Deadly – There continues to circulate misinformation on the internet that you are more likely to catch the seasonal flu than you are coronavirus. This may have seemed true in the early stages of the virus, when it coincided with flu season, but now that is not the case, say the experts. And, should COVID-19 return in the fall with the next flu season, since we do have a vaccine for the Flu, and not for this coronavirus, it will still be more likely that you can catch COVID-19 than the flu. As far as the flu being more deadly, again when the pandemic first broke, proportionately that may have been true, but the current percentage of those infected with COVID-19 who die, is now higher than for those who contract seasonal flu.

Vitamin C Can Cure the Virus – There is no evidence that vitamin C, nor any vitamin or nutritional supplement can directly affect the coronavirus. However, vitamin C and related antioxidants can boost your immune system, and may help you not get infected, or lesson your symptoms should you get the virus.

Drinking Alcohol Can Kill the Virus – While a few margaritas may help you to better cope with staying at home under corona lockdown, there is absolutely no truth to reports that drinking alcoholic beverages can kill the virus. In fact, there is some evidence that the opposite may be true, since excessive drinking can cause depression, and lower you immune system.

Do Not Eat at Chinese Restaurants – This is an unfortunate rumor that has caused many local Chinese Restaurants to close, some never to reopen again. It is simply not true. There is no more of a chance of being exposed to the virus in a Chinese restaurant, than there is in an Italian, Indian, Greek, or “American” restaurant.

Drinking Breast Milk Can Cure the Virus – There has been a surge in people buying human breast milk due to the belief that it will help prevent the COVID-19 virus. How this rumor started no one seems to know, but it is totally untrue. It probably grew from the fact that a mother does pass down her own immunities to her baby through her breast milk, but that is as far as it goes. Dyan Hes, MD, founder of Gramercy Pediatrics, plainly told CBS News during a recent broadcast, “Do not buy breast milk to prevent COVID. That is not going to help you.”

5G Network Towers Are Responsible for Spreading the Disease – No, they are not. This is an internet “conspiracy theory” that just refuses to die. 5G radio towers do not cause COVID-19 any more than windmills cause cancer. It got started merely because the rollout of 5G and the towers springing up in support of the network, roughly coincided with the dramatic increase in the spread of the disease in the US. However, there is no scientific, or logical reason to support this theory. As always when applying the scientific method, “correlation does not imply causation.” You have a greater chance of catching COVID-19 from your cellphone that has not been wiped down with hand sanitizer than you do from living near a cellphone tower!


Are there other theories plausible or not, that you have heard about COVID-19 that you would like to share? Reply in the comments below.

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