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You Can Make Love to Your Partner Without Having Sex!

With everyone stuck at home, there has been a lot of jokes about coronavirus “baby boom” 9 months or so from now.

All kidding aside, while quarantine may have you thinking a little more about sexual activities with your stuck at home spouse, it is also a good time to reconnect with the many ways to “make love,” that does not involve sex.

Here are 5 ways to “make love” without having sex.

  1. Personally Develop Together

We all know that we are consistently growing in life. While life naturally provides us all with learning experiences, many of us also actively seek ways to empower and better ourselves. Rather than engaging with self-help or personal development material on your own, why not make it a collaborative experience with your partner?

  1. Share Hobbies Together

We all have different interests, and chances are, there are several we boast that our partner couldn’t care less about — and vice versa. While keeping individual interests makes for a healthy relationship, sharing those interests and getting involved can also deepen your connection and offer insight into the other person.

  1. Work Out Together

Along the same lines as number two, there is something particularly connective about activities designed to better our well-being. Rather than hitting the gym (when all this is over) or going for an evening jog alone, why not include your partner?

Especially in these “stay at home times” working out is so important to keep you physically as well as emotionally fit. You can do more for the latter by finding some kind of home exercise routines you can both do together.

  1. Be Grateful Together

If you are a regular reader of my posts then you know what an emphasis I put on gratitude for a happy, healthy family.

Now, more than ever it is so important to share the things you are grateful for with your mate. What better way to lovingly connect with your partner than to challenge each other to do this together at least once per day? Not only will it be a loving experience rooted in sharing, but it will also root your energetic perspective into the positive. 

  1. Try New Things Together

One incredible way to grow closer and share a loving experience with your partner is to do something that neither of you has done before. Your collective uncertainty will force you to come together in the experience and possibly even discover something new that you both enjoy.

If you take these odd times we are in right now, to do some of these things, and bring you and your spouse a little closer without sex, do not be surprised if heats things up a little next time you are in the bedroom.

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