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Do Cross Dressing Kid Celebrities Promote Sexual Abuse?

There is a lot of questionable content on the internet and social media. And, I like to feel that in this column I try my best to steer families that share my values, away from the worst of it.

The latest “social media darling” that has my dander up is Desmond Napoles, the so-called “kid drag queen,” whose super-popular videos amount to little more than child sexual abuse.

In his latest video to “go viral,” the “drag-kid” can be seen hanging out on a couch with an adult cross-dresser and joking about doing drugs. The child, who was about 9 years old at the time of the original live stream, appears visibly intoxicated while he pretends to snort ketamine off the back of his hand. In an earlier viral clip, Desmond can be seen sitting with a man named Michael Alig who was convicted of beating another man to death and cutting up his body.

As offensive and borderline “kiddie porn,” that these videos are, they are but two of an entire catalog of disturbing videos involving this young boy — the most disturbing of which must be Desmond’s 2018 “performance” at a gay club in Brooklyn. The grown men in attendance can be seen hooting, hollering, and throwing dollar bills at the child as he dances provocatively for them.

This is perhaps only slightly less grotesque than the time when a different drag kid posed with a nude adult male for a magazine shoot.

Our “tolerant” society has sunk to a whole new level of depravity.

Do I have to even say that this exploding “drag-kid” phenomenon is morally reprehensible?

I do not blame the boys. After all, they are just children, and victims of sexual abuse as surely as if they were forced to engage in sexual conduct with those that leer at them, and “get off,” on their videos. But, what makes this kind of abuse so disgraceful is, it is done not in basements or back-allies, but in broad daylight, under a veneer of acceptability.

As much as I am offended by those that watch, and feel there is nothing wrong with these kinds of videos, I pray for the kids. Unlike what the advocates of this kind of thing would have you believe, these kids are not merely being allowed to express themselves, they are being exploited.

Furthermore, Desmond Napoles clearly is suffering mentally and emotionally from this abuse and exploitation. The fact that he even knew what ketamine was at the age of 9, much less how to use it, seems to suggest that his physical — as well as emotional and psychological — health is in serious danger. In a sane culture, his mother would be perp-walked into jail wearing shackles and a jumpsuit, as a warning to any other parent who would consider exploiting their children in this way. Instead, she is the subject of fawning puff pieces while leftists trip over themselves to congratulate her “bold and progressive parenting style.”

Those that support this say it is no worse than female child beauty pageants. Those have their own problems, and also go a long way to sexualize young girls (JonBenét Ramsey, anyone?). But, let’s be clear, as abhorrent as pre-teen beauty pageants for girls can be, they are not an imitation of the pure bawdy and adult sexual entertainment of an adult “drag queen show.”

Indeed, drag kids have almost nothing to do with child beauty queens, as drag shows bear a much closer resemblance to burlesque performances than mere beauty pageants. Presumably, we would all agree that young girls should not be recruited to perform burlesque. Yet some of us find it totally acceptable if the girls are boys pretending to be girls.

Almost everyone agrees that young girls should not be dressed as grown women for the entertainment of adults. You will find almost no one who will disagree with that assertion.

But you will find way too many so-called “woke” people who find the assertion not just wrong but, bigoted if it’s applied to young boys. This is incoherent, illogical, inconsistent, perverted nonsense, and these “drag-kids” videos should be treated like the child pornography that it is.

What do you think of these drag kid videos? Should they be banned? Please respond using the comments below.

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