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Designer Creates Fat Suits to Refute the Idea of a ‘Perfect’ Body

A textile artist named Daisy May Collingridge, 29, recently received major recognition for the creation of five characters that she created out of excessive fabric. She created the characters in a range of “flesh suits” that she designed to prove to the world that there was no such thing as the “ideal” body.

This all sounds great, but the only issue is that all of the suits are oversized. Wouldn’t it make sense that the suits be different shapes if she wanted to prove that size didn’t matter?

Why is it that every person who seemingly wants to end ‘fat-shaming’ continues to be the first to throw the idea of fat bodies into everyone’s face? By saying size doesn’t matter, but to then throw oversized bodies into the mix, only shows that size does indeed matter…especially to the person who’s doing the most complaining.

Collingridge decided that she would take a stand against a world that continues to thrust its notion of what a person’s body should look like. “The figures I created neither promote nor demote one body type. The idea that there even is an ‘ideal’ body is ridiculous,” stated Collingridge in regard to her reason for creating the figures.

“They are creations that are reflective of the human form but with fantasy elements and I really designed them to bring a bit of joy into the world,” she continued.  She admits that some people will be repulsed by her figures, but she accepts that and admits that it’s no different from how some people feel about the bodies of others. Wow. Sounds like fat-shaming to me.

It all boils down to the notion that designing a fat suit to help others overcome the need to obsess about the human flesh and how it looks seems a bit oxymoron. If Collingridge truly wanted to help others to see beyond the body, then why couldn’t she have simply created a figure of a head or a brain?

Something that would lead others to focus on a person’s mind, rather than the body that surrounds it. It seems a lot to ask, but apparently, it’s not for Collingridge. She is excited about the fact that she created something that has everyone talking. The designer even calls her suits “blobby” and she says that they are very bouncy.

It can easily be imagined that there will be some who will misconstrue her suits as imitating overweight individuals, and in some way, poking fun at them. Without Collingridge there to defend or explain her work of art, how can a person help but think of them as somewhat offensive?

It seems that ‘blobby’ suits are now considered a form of art, and just because they mimic the fat of an obese person does not mean that they are meant to offend those who are overweight…at least that’s what Collingridge wants everyone to know.

In her attempt to teach the world to overlook the size and shape of a person’s body, she created five figures that indeed imitate the size and shape of a person’s body. All in all, the artwork will gain lots of attention—and in the end, isn’t that the goal?

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