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The Latest Pro-Abortion Argument: Lack Of Paid Maternity Leave

In a new low, pro-choice groups are pushing America’s lack of mandated paid maternity leave as a reason to keep abortions legal and easily accessible. The Guardian recently published an article written by Charlotte Sullivan, a professional educator who chose to end her first pregnancy at age 34.

She was married and both she and her husband were employed, but she hadn’t been employed with her company long enough to qualify for paid maternity leave. She cited that as her primary reason for choosing abortion.

“In a logistical sense, my choice felt right,” wrote Sullivan in the article titled “The hardest decision of my life: to end a pregnancy because I had no paid leave.”

Taking time off work for maternity leave, whether it is unpaid or reimbursed at the socially acceptable rate of 60-80% of previous wages, always negatively affects a person’s finances. Children cost money to raise, and it’s surprising that a 34-year-old working professional woman would think that lack of paid leave would be the most expensive part of childrearing.

Children need food, clothing, shelter (more kids mean more bedrooms), medical attention, and extracurricular activities. Parents are on the hook to pay all associated costs, so the government’s failure to pay part of Mom’s wages for the first few months of a child’s life is not a valid reason to have an abortion.

Sullivan also cited the unexpected nature of her pregnancy as a deterrent to carrying her baby to term.

“I am someone who takes comfort in color-coded to-do lists and calendars – an approach that often clashes with that of my more spontaneous husband. Was having the baby with extremely limited funds, in a small apartment, actually a romantic way to start a family?” she wondered.

Yes, Charlotte, it is. Many of today’s happy, financially stable families started off living in a space the size of a shoebox with a minuscule income stream. Starting a family is the ultimate act of faith. Humans can’t fully control the miracle of life, the biological material combining and ensuing cell dividing that results in the formation of the next generation.

None of us can control our baby’s gender, physical characteristics, personality quirks, or any chromosomal abnormalities that may or may not occur. Procreating requires us to close our eyes and take a leap into the unknown. Financial stability cannot guarantee that a woman won’t conceive the opposite gender she hoped for, a child with a chromosomal abnormality, or miscarry at 18 weeks.

Sullivan mentions the wildly fluctuating hormones of early pregnancy, extreme fatigue, and nausea as contributors to her decision to end her pregnancy. Most expectant mothers experience these symptoms to some degree, and financial distress is a given. Babies cost money to support, and they do not contribute financially.

There is rarely a perfect opportunity to have baby – financial risks and physical discomfort plague any pregnancy, whether it is planned or unexpected.

Using lack of paid maternity leave as a reason to validate abortions is a sickening example of leftists pushing their skewed values in order to advocate for bigger government. Women who choose to abort their babies due to lack of finances – even when the parents are married and both employed –have bought into the liberal agenda that the government should provide for all our needs. But increased government dependence comes at the cost of diminished individual liberty, no matter what form it takes.

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Ann Henry lives in rural America with her husband and three small kids. She manages their household and is the children's primary caretaker. She freelance writes for various publications as a part-time vocation.

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