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Gender Is For Life

James Shupe became the first transgender person to legally attain “non-binary” status in 2016. In a major blow to the LGBT community, he recently retracted his previous assertions about gender fluidity and said it was all a lie.

Born a man in 1963, Shupe spent 18 years in the Army. He was married to a woman for thirty years, with whom he shares a daughter. Shupe began identifying as a transgender woman in 2013 and claimed he had been harassed in the Army for being perceived as gay. He took feminizing hormones, changed his name to Jamie, and moved to Portland, Oregon, which is a mecca for members of the LGBT community.

Shupe lived as a trans woman for three years, then decided he wanted to be recognized as non-binary, or not conforming to either of the two established genders. A court order in 2016 legally changed his official gender, including that listed on his birth certificate, to non-binary.

But maintaining a false life as a woman and non-binary person took a painful physical and psychological toll. Shupe became tired of maintaining a feminine appearance in an effort to disguise his obviously male body. Last year, Shupe sought to reclaim his original male gender.

Thus began an unprecedented complicated legal ordeal. Shupe traveled to his birth state of Florida and back again to Oregon before finding a jurisdiction that would allow his unique petition.

“Despite six years of hormonal treatments, my sex was immutable, and I remained the same biological male I was at the time of my birth. In hindsight, my sex change to non-binary was a psychologically harmful legal fiction, and I desire to legally reclaim my male birth sex,” he wrote in a petition to the Multnomah County Court.

Shupe’s story is becoming more common, though, as public support for transgender individuals grows and more people undergo transition surgery. Many of those people regret their decisions that permanently altered their bodies when their mental state should have been properly addressed instead.

Since reversing his landmark decision, Shupe has been abandoned by the LGBT community that once heralded him as a hero. Most media outlets have remained quiet on his “detransition”, as progressive polities push an agenda favoring transgenders. Speaking out about the destructive lies of the transgender lifestyle is largely seen as hate speech or bigotry. Shupe is sharing his story in hopes of helping others who doubt their assigned genders find other ways to cope with their discomfort. He speaks from experience when he says that hormonal treatments are painful, unnatural, and cause more harm than help.

Shupe reaffirms what most people have known all along: Gender identities are assigned at birth, not chosen later in life by each person. Biology is too strong to override with injections, and the human body cannot be completely altered to become the opposite gender. Gender dysphoria is a legitimate mental illness, but individuals suffering from it need to be treated, not encouraged to pursue increasingly disfiguring medical procedures.

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