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Sex Shouldn’t Be This Hard

A person is determined to be male or female while in the fetal stage, during the first trimester of gestation. Sex is decided, without the person’s input, long before he or she becomes a fully formed human being. Once that person is born, their genitalia make it visibly evident whether they are male or female.

“Gender” used to be interchangeable with “sex.” Not anymore, though – gender is now a personal choice that liberals believe individuals can make. Sex is assigned at birth (long before birth, actually), but gender isn’t decided until a person is old enough to choose whether he wants to stay a ‘he” or add an “s.” Likewise, a person who is born a girl can drop the “s” and become a he.

This is the agenda liberals are using to confuse the youngest generation of Americans. Several states allow individuals to mark “X” rather than “M” and “F” on their driver’s licenses after members of the LGBTQ community lobbied for the change, citing discrimination if their physical appearance deviated from their sex as listed on their ID cards.

Being asked to decisively state whether you are a man or a woman is not discrimination; it’s basic science. Each of us either has a penis or a vagina. Regardless of the owner’s personal feelings regarding their presence, these genitalia come with different hormones that govern muscle development, hair growth, vocal tone, and of course reproductive abilities. As a matter of public safety, citizens need to declare if they are male or female on their ID cards. Males who feel feminine can grow their hair long and wear sundresses if they want, but they need own the fact that they are men.

Accepting the sex they were assigned in utero doesn’t infringe on anyone’s ability to fully express themselves as a person who doesn’t conform to traditional gender roles and expectations. It does prevent them from committing crimes as a woman, then claims to identify as a man and get a new ID card to confuse law enforcement authorities. It prevents high school boys from deciding to say they feel they really should be girls and competing against actual girls in sporting events.

No amount of high-pitched giggling and armpit-shaving can disguise the natural advantage their elevated amounts of testosterone give them when competing against true females. Allowing boys to identify and compete as girls unfairly give them a boost in scholarship opportunities and college recruitment.

In this case, sex has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Knowing which sex each person is doesn’t restrict them from being gay, trans, bi, or any other orientation – including straight. Declaring male or female on identification documents simply keeps our citizenry honest and ethical. Anatomically speaking, each one of us is either male or female. Simple as that; no judgment on personal life choices attached.

Determining sex is natural, and it really shouldn’t be as hard as the liberals are trying to make it.

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Ann Henry lives in rural America with her husband and three small kids. She manages their household and is the children's primary caretaker. She freelance writes for various publications as a part-time vocation.

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