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The Swamp is Unlikely to be Drained

I didn’t admit it to many of my hardcore Republican friends, but I thought Trump was in the wrong regarding his conversations with the Ukranian President. Not that we talk politics a whole lot; SAHMs in their thirties tend to chat more about our kids’ sleeping habits, our husband’s new jobs, and household budgeting tips than what just happened in Washington.

Trump’s overreach of his presidential power may have needed to be corrected, but Nancy Pelosi’s decision to withhold the articles of impeachment revealed that the whole impeachment process was a partisan power play.

It’s easy for me, a voting American citizen, to feel powerless about what federal politicians do on behalf of myself and my fellow Americans. Every single elected official has a hefty paycheck, a no-nonsense haircut, and a personal agenda.

Maybe my mom friends and I should talk politics more often, but it’s hard to muster up the energy to care about decisions beyond our control that aren’t actually going to affect our everyday lives anyway. It seems like everyone on Capitol Hill is a bunch of crooks, and what happens on the Hill usually stays on the Hill.

And sometimes it doesn’t, like when Obamacare was passed through both legislative branches and approved by the Supreme Court nearly ten years ago. I watched the live announcement on FOX News, and I wondered how such a blatantly unconstitutional law could be foisted onto the American people and touted as a benefit.

Obama simply called the fee for not having health coverage a “penalty” instead of a “tax,” even though citizens were required to report coverage on their income tax returns. That component of Obamacare was recently struck down, but not before a whole lot of Americans paid a whole lot of money for not purchasing a specific product on the open market.

And Obama was praised for his signature piece of legislation. He was not reprimanded by the House on live TV for passing an unconstitutional law. He served two consecutive terms as POTUS, railroaded his personal agenda over every American citizen, and left the Oval Office as a respected politician.

Going back a little farther, Bill Clinton served two terms as POTUS and left Capitol Hill as a slightly less-respected politician than when he took the oath of President. He famously had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which led to lying (as affairs often do), and his being impeached for lying under oath and obstruction of justice.

I wish I could believe that some of our nation’s leaders truly have America’s best interests at heart. But the above-mentioned evidence combined with the ongoing impeachment drama currently unfolding in Washington makes it tough to believe the swamp will ever be drained.

might make more servitude-based decisions if they assumed their stations as volunteers, but as long as they are drawing sizable paychecks and leveraging their personal assets against their political ambitions, Capitol Hill will be surrounded by rising, murky waters.

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Ann Henry lives in rural America with her husband and three small kids. She manages their household and is the children's primary caretaker. She freelance writes for various publications as a part-time vocation.

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