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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Teens Should Make

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. For most of us adults, we look at the year ahead as one filled with hope and possibility, which is probably why so many of us feel the desire to make the kinds of resolutions that focus on improving ourselves as the year begins.

But what about your teens? What kinds of resolutions would you like to see them make for 2020? Here are our suggestions for five New Year’s resolutions you should encourage your teens to make.

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  1. Become a Better Friend or Family Member

Relationships are one of the most important parts of our life. Having good relationships can make everything in life sweeter, and having bad relationships can drain all of your energy. Make an investment in some of your closest relationships by resolving to be a better friend or family member.

Being honest, attentive, fun, supportive, trustworthy, dependable, caring, and accepting are the qualities of a good friend. Pick the quality you have the most trouble with and find ways to improve it. Or, choose to be a friend to someone who is lonely or doesn’t seem to fit in.

  1. Unplug After Bedtime

When it’s time to hit the sheets, leave the cell phone on a charger away from the bed. This eliminates late-night texting or social media browsing, which can keep kids up way too late, making them groggy and less productive at school the next day. Once your teen realizes how nice it is to get restful sleep, this resolution will be pretty easy to adopt!

  1. Learn Something New

Trying something new is one of the best ways to grow and develop. Learning a new skill can stretch your mind, body, and spirit. It can also help you meet new people, and give you renewed self- confidence. You could learn how to play a new sport, knit, cook, skateboard, play a new musical instrument, take beautiful photographs, play chess, or join a new group. The possibilities are endless! Resolve to just try one new thing this year.

  1. Write Thank You Notes

We rarely take time to really let people know how we feel. Offer to buy your teen a box of 12 thank-you note cards and explain he can send out one each month. He can show gratitude to teachers, neighbors, friends, mentors, or family.

  1. Do Some Volunteer Work

Look to your local animal shelter, after-school tutoring programs, the church, or community center for opportunities to volunteer. Helping with an annual fundraiser or committing to weekly reading sessions with an elementary student will make your teen feel good about giving back.

When you talk with your teen about making New Year’s resolutions, remind them it’s their choice, not something you are forcing on them, but something they should be doing for themselves. They should choose something that makes them feel proud, happy, and better about themselves once it is accomplished. You can help by reminding your teens to “keep it simple,” and not to make wild resolutions that are too difficult to follow.


What do you think of these New Year’s resolutions for your teen? Are there any you would like to add? Please reply using the comments below.

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