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Binge Drinking Among Women Is Skyrocketing

Sadly, in a little over a decade, binge drinking among childless American women has doubled — suggesting that the ‘wine aunt’ pop culture figure is actually a real thing.  


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The study comes out of Columbia University and revealed that “More than four in ten (42 percent) of childless 30 to 44-year-olds were having five or more drinks on any given occasion last year – compared to a fifth (21 percent) in 2006,” the Mail Online reports.


“Although heavy drinking has either decreased or stabilized for most groups, binge drinking is still common and is becoming even more prevalent,” epidemiologist at Columbia University and lead author of the study Sarah McKetta said. 


“It’s still unknown why women are increasing drinking relative to men, but we encourage physicians to screen all adults – not just select groups of men and women – for alcohol use disorders and referring them to appropriate treatment,” McKetta added.


The alarming study follows another study carried out by the New York Times last year which revealed that white women over 45-years-old were more likely to take antidepressants than were younger adult females, men, and minorities. 


At the very same time, left-wing propagandists try to make the case that women are better off and happier than they’ve ever been in history. 


“Today women are climbing the corporate latter, pursuing STEM degrees, and freeing themselves from the evil patriarchy that has kept them in bondage for all these years,” the left argues.


Sadly, many women have taken large gulps from the far-left Cool Aid and now believe that skipping marriage and refraining from having children altogether will deliver them the happiness and freedom they truly deserve. In reality, doing both, or rather failing to do both, has only made them miserable and lonely. Unfortunately, by the time they realize it, they’ve usually reached middle age. 


Alcohol, substance abuse, and other forms of hedonism then become the only way these women have to escape their grim realities. 

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