How to Get Your Kids to Embrace and Understand Being Pro-Life

Are you looking for a great way to help your kids or teens understand the value of a human life and to embrace what it means to be pro-life? Consider using a “Declaration for Life.”

A “Declaration for Life,” much like the Declaration of Independence, or similar “Declarations,” is a document created by Christian organizations, such as Focus on the Family, to be signed and shared with our leaders to speak up on behalf of pre-born human life and end the tragedy of legalized abortion.

That same organization, believes you can use a similar document to share with and be agreed to between you and your children and teens, to declare your pledge to a pro-life stance. Here is Focus on the Family’s sample of a “Pro-Life Declaration for Kids.”

For almost 50 years, abortion has been legal in the United States. During that time, approximately 60 million preborn babies have not been given the chance for life. Recently, some states have made changes to their laws that will allow babies to be aborted just before they are born. In light of these tragic decisions, it’s important to remember what we, as Christians, believe.

We believe that . . .

Babies inside their mothers are people created by God. Just like the rest of us, their lives are sacred and valuable.

The American government is built on the Declaration of Independence, which says everyone has the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We believe that right extends to preborn babies.

Life in the womb is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Every person has unique DNA even before they are born. Scripture and science both agree on this.

Abortion is wrong, and we need to stand against it.

What can we do?

Our families can encourage lawmakers to make decisions to protect life. We can encourage families to adopt children. And we can pray for everyone involved.

We can celebrate life as a family by developing relationships with those who may be different and learning about disabilities. Then we can discover what we all have in common and how God has a plan and purpose for everyone.

We can support our local pregnancy center by helping with fundraising, making baby blankets, dropping off diapers or anything that it needs.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to stand up for people who can’t speak for themselves — and that includes babies. If we work together, we can make a difference.

Copyright (c) 2019 by Focus on the Family

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