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Top Ten Cooler Weather Workouts

It’s getting closer to wintery weather, but for now, there is still time to enjoy some outdoor workouts, and we’ve thrown in a few great indoor workouts you may be familiar with to shake up your usual routine, if the weather outside does get more frightful than delightful.

  1. Trail walking, nature walking, or hiking

Whatever name you call it, the crisp, cool days of fall are a great time for a trek amongst Mother Nature. Whether you are new or old to it, treetop walks and hiking trails, get you incredible views, fresh air, the sounds and smells of nature, great cliffs and bridges–all while you are getting a powerful cardio workout. Besides improving blood pressure and sugar, trail walking is great for building bone density strength in lower body and core. It’s a great way to control your weight, and it can improve your stamina and your balance too! At a usual walking pace, 2 miles takes about an hour.

  1. Running

Running won’t seem daunting when you consider that it is a good bet for those looking to shed a few pounds. People put about twice as much energy running than walking. Running also regulates appetite hormones, so you eat less and is great for the waist.

  1. Biking

Biking in cooler weather is very invigorating, especially, if you live in a coastal area that experiences fall, along the now deserted beach trails. Breathe the fresh sea air, check out the magnificent coastal views, and get in some great exercise. Plus, it’s a social event as well with family and/or friends.

  1. Commercial time is exercise time

If you are stuck indoors, forgo fast-forwarding commercials while plopped on the couch, and use those commercial breaks for easy movement. Just stash some resistance bands or a jump rope under your couch if you like, or no equipment is needed at all with the simple, easy best body circuit. Choose 4 of these for a warm-up: 15 squats, 15 pushups, 15 crunches, 15 seconds of high knees, 4 sets lunges, jump rope with or without a rope 30-40 seconds, hop back and forth using both feet, or one leg for 30-40 seconds. Next choose 2 for strength, balance, and muscle control:  squats for 10-12 reps, lunges 10-12 reps, pushups 10-12 reps, calf raises 10-12 reps.

  1. The kettlebell workout

Kettlebells with their handy handles, come in all sizes, weights, materials, and can be inexpensive. They are known to burn as many calories as a running sprint. One study showed a 20-minute workout with a kettlebell burns 20 calories a minute. The workout leaves you with a metabolism burning for hours after and is a great fat loss tool combining strength and cardio workouts. Don’t worry about arm strength with a kettlebell, the activity strength comes from your legs with the bell between your legs, bringing it up only to chin level, with the momentum of the bell taking it down. Exercises for it are widely available everywhere, and it is a great indoor fall/winter exercise.

  1. The Medicine Ball Workout

Like the Kettlebell, this tool, also easily stored, comes in all weights and materials, is inexpensive, and gives you an increased workout resistance that works on your balance, strength, and is a great calorie burner! It can target any particular part of your body too. Workout routines with them are simple, and videos and photos for this are plentiful everywhere.

  1. Tabata Set

The Tabata set is the new rage of just 4 minutes of intense exercise alternating between 20 seconds of your utmost efforts, followed by 10 seconds of total rest. All you need is a Tabata timer! Exercises include traditional and easy jump squats, jumping jacks pushups, jump rope, stationary bike or elliptical, your choice that makes it so personal. Tabata training has been called the 4-minute fat-burning miracle and can be done anywhere, anytime.

  1. Trampolining

Jumping has gone high level–but easy–with trampolining. This sport and exercise takes up to 80% off the stress on weight-bearing joints, while stimulating metabolism, improving balance, improving oxygen circulation, firms and tones muscles, builds up bone mineral content–and, is beneficial to reduce cellulite. Indoor trampoline centers are turning up in many areas, and can be a cool break from the cold weather doldrums!

  1. Bowka

Zumba dancing is still top dog, but the new trend is Bokwa. Bokwa is easy because there’s no choreography, no counting, you simply draw letters and numbers with feet while dancing or moving to popular music. You can be any age, and even have two left feet while burning up to 1,200 calories, more than enough to turn stoke your furnace!

  1. Anything New

As November is in full swing, and we are headed to that New Year, it is a great time to explore something new. Try a new activity or a class. Venture forth with indoor volleyball, shooting baskets, indoor racquetball or swimming, archery, martial arts, rock wall climbing, kickboxing, martial arts, or table tennis. You can even gain some new friends and learn some new skills while keeping fit.

What do you think of these cooler weather workouts? What do you do to stay in shape in the fall and winter months? Reply in the comments below.

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