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Dating Someone Going Through A Divorce: A Bad Idea?

Would you date someone going through a divorce? Just as people aren’t getting married the way they used to do, opting for moving in with one another instead, married people aren’t getting divorced how they did in the past. Some married couples stay legally tied to one another to take advantage of the legal benefits given to partners, and live separately instead.

These couples don’t want to hire lawyers. They don’t want to ruin their children’s lives. So, they take an alternative route to the legalities of marriage. It’s can work for the couple but for singles, it creates complications in dating.

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When my mother became a divorcee after 25 years of marriage she lamented her singleness claiming that she had better luck finding a decent parking spot during rush hour traffic in downtown Miami than meeting a single guy her age.

The men that she would meet often were recently-separated. Many hadn’t even begun the process of divorce. Often they were looking to destress in their life. Divorce = stress, so they felt dating was okay because the desire to remarry was low. But, how confusing it is to date someone who is married, but living life as a single. The piece of paper matters, does it not?

Across the country, the matter of single while married but almost divorced so I’m dating rules are defined differently state-by-state. As one woman states in an open letter to a therapist about her experiences dating a boyfriend who hid his marital status from her during their first few months, it’s hard to know if you can trust someone when dealing with something like that.


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