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How Can Christian Families Celebrate Halloween?

While most kids can’t wait to put on a costume and go trick or treating for Halloween, there are also many Christian families that find the “holiday” – with its roots in paganism and its occult overtones – offensive and hardly a thing to celebrate. But what’s a Christian mom to do, so her kids do not feel left out or teased?

Here are 10 great Halloween Alternatives for Christian Families (or any family that does not wish to celebrate Halloween!)

  1. Hold a Fall or Harvest Festival

Offering a harvest party has been a popular Halloween alternative among Christian churches for years. A new variation to this old idea is to create a carnival atmosphere. With some well-thought-out planning, you can involve various established small groups from within your church to host carnival booths. Craft booths and creative prizes can also be incorporated.

  1. Pumpkin Carving

Though carving pumpkins into a “Jack-o-Lantern” is generally considered a symbol of Halloween, Christian families can still get into the fun of carving and decorating pumpkins in more fun, creative and artistic ways, then the typical mean spirited visages.  Make it a family activity and conclude the festivities by partaking in a slice of homemade pumpkin pie!

  1. Go Door to Door and Pass Out “Treats”

Instead of going around saying “trick or treats,” have your kids hand out treats – teaching them it is better to give than receive.

  1. Have a Bible Character Dress Up Party

Instead of a typical Halloween costume party, hold a biblical character dress-up party.

  1. Fall Special Dinner

Have a fall-themed potluck dinner with other families. Only serve “harvest foods” such as apples, winter squash, and soups.

  1. Fall Decorating Party

Have a bunch of friends and family over to decorate your home and gardens with scarecrows and other symbols of autumn. The changing season inspires just the right atmosphere for this occasion, and it becomes both meaningful and memorable to include the whole family in the process.

  1. Noah’s Ark Party

Like the “Bible Character Party,” another Christian alternative to a Halloween Party is a “Noah’s Ark Party.” This can either be a church-wide event or you might consider hosting your own party for neighbors and friends. Read the Genesis account of Noah’s Ark and the ideas for planning will be numerous. Food choices could follow a “pet food” or “feed store” theme.

Many people believe that the trappings of Halloween are innocent fun, but the Bible is very clear about witchcraft, mediums, sorcery, and demons. We are not to make light of these subjects. We are to reject them wholeheartedly.

What do you think of these Halloween alternatives, do you have some of your own you would like to add? Feel free to use the comments below!

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  1. At our church, the congregation is invited to celebrate Family Fun Night instead of Halloween on Oct. 31. Kids are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Bible character, and games are played. The winners are given small toys (donated by the congregation). They also have treats to eat such as cookies and candies. All in all, Family Fun Night has been a welcomed treat for the kids (and the parents, too!).

  2. Tara y Terminiello

    ummmm… what way does this really differ from a typical Halloween kids party? we carve happy Jack o lanterns, celebrate the harvest, eat candy, give it out And receive it {its called sharing} decorate with symbols of autumn, play games like apple dunking…very few human sacrifices!!

    while I admit there are teens and adults who go crazy on this night with the over the top haunted houses and movies I dont consider that a religious or non religious thing, I consider it a matter of taste, and dont approve, for instance, of guillotines on the front lawn with disgusting bloody corpses strewn about. Demons, ghosts, the devil? not believing in those things they don’t offend me, I was brought up to believe that good behaviour and a blameless life was a matter of good judgement and personal responsibility, and not something “the boogie man made me do”.

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