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Top 10 Mom and Daughter Halloween Costumes

Just take a look at all the ads out there for Halloween Happy Hours and adult costume parties, and it is easy to see that Halloween is not just for kids anymore!

But, if you do have kids, you can make this a fun Holiday for the both of you, by going out in a themed “mother/daughter” costume.

Some favorite pairings I have done with my own daughter and that I have heard about from friends include matching costumes like two skeletons or two witches. Or it can be two different characters from the same show or film, like Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent or Morticia and Wednesday Addams.

The possibilities can be endless, limited only by your creativity, but here are 10 of the best!

  1. Mother and Daughter Minnie Mouse

This one can even be a mom and son pairing with mom as Minnie and son as Mickey. Other Disney ideas include Ursula and Ariel or Moana & Te Fiti, or Snow White and the Evil Queen

  1. Queen Bee and Baby Bee

This will have the whole neighborhood buzzing!

  1. A Tree and Her Little Birdie

Mamma as the tree and daughter as the little birdie who lives there is sure to have you tweeting some pictures!

  1. A Pair of Wonder Women

Strike a message for “Girl Power” with mother/daughter matching Wonder Woman costumes! (or any other pair of superheroes!)

  1. Cruella De Vil and a Cute Dalmatian

Your kid will love being “spotted” as one of those 101 Dalmatians, as you do your best evil glare!

  1. Rey and BB-8 From Star Wars

Moms can be nerds too! So why not embrace your inner Jedi as Rey, and your rolling bundle of joy of BB-8!

  1. Daenerys, Mother of Dragons

A  friend of mine who is a big GOT fan made a real hit with this one. She merely wore a Game of Thrones “Mother of Dragons” T-shirt while carrying around her cute little toddler dressed as – you guessed it – a Dragon!

  1. Pebbles and Wilma Flintstone

If you are old enough to remember the original airings of “The Flintstones,” you probably are way too old to have a baby as tiny as Pebbles, but these prehistoric characters remain popular even for moms of today.

  1. Zombie Mommy

You can be cute and creepy as a Zombie Mommy and Undead Daughter. Or, for a twist a Zombie Mommy and badass Walker killer Judith Grimes from the Walking Dead!

  1. Alice and the Queen of Hearts

Slide down the rabbit hole, and take a wonderful stroll through Wonderland as a mother-daughter time of Alice and the Queen of Hearts.


So what do you think of these mother-daughter Halloween Costume pairs? Do you know of other good ideas? Feel free to respond in the comments below.

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