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University Of Oklahoma Abolishes Pledge of Allegiance

In was by most accounts a surprise vote especially within conservative Oklahoma, that the Pledge of Allegiance would no longer be welcome at the University of Oklahoma, after a resolution last week passed by a 15 to 11 margin to remove the Pledge from the school’s agenda.

The resolution suggests that the Pledge of Allegiance was somehow incompatible with the Constitution because “pledging your allegiance to the flag of the United States as one nation under God conflicts to our rights to free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

That stunning review of the Pledge of Allegiance by senior Gabi Thompson, who authored the resolution, explained to local news affiliate KFOR, “For us to be like the best most inclusive body, I thought that we should remove it.”

“It was written as a celebration of Columbus Day in 1892, and in the city of Norman we don’t celebrate Columbus Day, we celebrate Indigenous People’s Day,” Thompson continued.

However, on the flip side of the growing controversy OU College Republicans released a statement saying:

“We recently learned about a resolution in the SGA that pertains to removing the pledge of allegiance from SGA meetings. We are disheartened by this move. While we respect everyone’s right to not say the Pledge of Allegiance, we would urge them to do otherwise. The Pledge of Allegiance transcends partisanship, race, ethnicity, and all of the divides in our country. It reminds us that though we may disagree, or look different, or not worship the same, we are one nation, indivisible.”

The growing hostility by a sizable segment of college students towards America’s institutions, its heritage, and symbols, in particular, the singing of our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, is an outgrowth in how our elected officials view America.

Recently the city council in Minnesota made national headlines after its members voted to abolish the Pledge of Allegiance citing “diversity” as a reason to willfully disrespect our heritage. However, the ban didn’t last long after an angry crowd descended on an open meeting, chanting “USA, USA, USA.”

In another display of open hostility towards America’s principles, a professor in California was berated for supporting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Professor Celeste Barber was heckled for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, defying a board of trustee’s decree to ban the Pledge.
The patriotic educator waving a small American flag was shouted down, humiliated and finally brought to tears by her students when she attempted to recite the Pledge at a school board meeting in January.

These are perhaps the same students when questioned about American history or basic civics, they usually draw a blank.

Perhaps even more disturbing was how the trustees regard America, as a country” steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

Therefore it’s not at all surprising that a recent poll conducted targeting college students found only 8% of college-aged Democrats said they were “very proud” to be American. While an astounding 76% of college-aged Republicans said they were “very proud” to be American.

“Seems kinda silly to be proud about something I had zero control over,” one student from Indiana University said. “I’m glad to be an American, but I’m definitely not proud,” a student from the University of Houston added. ”Grateful? Yes. I don’t think pride is the correct emotion,” one student from the University of Notre Dame said.

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  1. I live in Oklahoma, but while this is disgusting, it’s not surprising. OU is way liberal, as almost all colleges are, and some of the students are snowflakes just like the rest of the nation. I’m hoping the alums stand up and withhold their financial support until they stop this garbage that definitely does not reflect the values of the people of this state.

  2. Donald Mccormick

    IF YOU are an American citizen then YOU SHOULD Pledge your Allegiance to our flag to show our children that we are PROUD of our country and our constitution we had written that should keep us safe from invading armies trying to control everything we made our country GREAT and it made our country rich and to be able to be actually control the world but we do NOT even try to actually control the while world to just make our law the law of the world by our control.
    We only try to get along with ALL others around the world. but right NOW we are just trying to keep the people from making their word the word for the world because they want us to be able to make their word the only words that the world hears and they want to just to be able to control everything we say and do and to be able to punish us if we do NOT follow their words as their own words will be the only words that they follow and we would be punished if we would NOT follow their word because those words are LAW to be followed to the letter and we would have nothing of our own and everything we once owned would be our governments and NOT ours.

  3. United we stand, divided we fall. My condolences for what will befall your nation in times to come.

  4. There’s a to be said about his. Taking away others rights by eliminating ALL rights is complete discrimination.
    If one does not wish to pledge allegiance then one may not…but to remove everyone’s right to do so because a few loud mouth thin skinned attention whores is lame. No one is forcing anyone to say or do anything before this….

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