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Climate Change Activists Are Terrifying Kids

The new Holy Grail of the left, if you hadn’t noticed is Climate Change, and much like the issue of race, it’s a topic for “all seasons” in that it will continually perpetuate itself for countless decades to come, depending on the current political climate.

However, in order to make true believers that the world will begin coming to an end in 12-years, climate change zealots have embarked on an egregious  political scheme to spread fear among children that the world is facing “environmental doom.”

The new phenomenon even has its own name among parents and children suffering from this growing medical epidemic called “Eco-Anxiety.” Even more astounding is that children as young as 5-years old are being treated for their overwhelming fears that climate change will destroy the earth.

Greta Thunberg, a science correspondent for an on-line publication The Telegraph reported on Monday acknowledged that a ‘tsunami’ of young people are seeking help.”

Psychotherapist Caroline Hickman of the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) also weighted on saying “A lot of parents are coming into therapy asking for help with the children and it has escalated a lot this summer.”

“The symptoms are the same as clinical anxiety, the feelings are the same, but the cause is different,” she said. “The fear is of environmental doom — that we’re all going to die.”

The question is why?

Which brings us back to the issue of race, and how climate change hysteria actually ties in, for starters discrimination back in the day was real, blacks were being beaten, hung and shot simply because of their skin pigmentation, which finally forced America to deal with the issue head-on by creating the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ending once and for all segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Fast forward roughly 50-years to the election of former President Barack  Obama, the first black man to reside within the White House and elected twice to the Oval Office, that’s quite an accomplishment for a nation to boast that within the span of one’s lifetime systemic racism no longer exists in America.

However, if you’re a progressive Democrat the issue of racism will always be a part of you’re political arsenal. To be used as needed for generations to come, regardless of the historical facts, it’s the same with the issue of climate change.

Thus creating future generations believing man and man alone is responsible for changing the weather, regardless of the fact that planet earth has been living and breathing for well over 50 billion years, experiencing bombardments from countless asteroids, monumental earthquakes, millions of volcanoes spewing ash and lava into the atmosphere, oceans rising and falling, continents breaking and shifting and of course the ice age, a period that covered vast areas of the earth in thick ice, lasting several million years dramatically reshaping the surface of the earth, and then melting creating vast lakes, rivers and streams and millions of waterways around the globe.

Man’s contribution in changing the weather pales in comparison to nature’s plans, yet children are being victimized by a perverse and pervasive attempt by climate change fanatics who are shamefully exploiting them for political expediency.

Moreover creating a generation of emotionally fragile individuals preoccupied with their own mortality and anticipating the end of humankind.

Last May, the Guardian newspaper purposely decided to ratchet up the climate change debate by changing its rhetoric and embellishing its so-called facts in order to alarm its readers that doomsday was just around the corner.

The newspaper came out with a number of new terminologies, “Instead of ‘climate change’ the preferred terms are ‘climate emergency, crisis or breakdown’ and ‘global heating’ is favored over ‘global warming,’ although the original terms are not banned,” the Guardian stated.

“The phrase ‘climate change,’ for example, sounds rather passive and gentle when what scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity,” said Katharine Viner, the Guardian’s editor-in-chief and a firm believer in the impending climate apocalypse.

“Increasingly, climate scientists and organizations from the UN to the Met Office are changing their terminology, and using stronger language to describe the situation we’re in,” she said.

Climate change has become a political tool by the left similar to how the issue of race has been played out in America, both are money-making cottage industries employing thousands of individuals, to mold and shape how America thinks.

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I began my career as a New York graphic designer, years later as an Art Director working with some of the leading advertising agencies and studios of the day, transitioned into owning my own graphic design service, providing a host of creative services, most recently as a working cartoonist for a verity of clients, my most recent illustrative assignment was a 33-page children’s book titled “Nicholas’s Amazing Journey.” I’m a published author, with my first novel titled “Journey” published in 2003, and my second a short story titled “Mr. Tidbit’s Dilemma”, published in 2014, by American Star Books, and I’m currently working on my third novel, a murder-mystery titled “Possession,” which hopefully should be completed early next year. I’m also an unabashed conservative and political junkie writing well over 4,000 published articles and political commentary, on a host of national issues and current event topics facing America. I received the 2007 Editors Choice Award, for Outstanding Achievement in poetry, presented by and the International Library of Poetry, and I am a proud member of the National Writers Association.


  1. I suppose that when children are being educated that man began as just a blob that emerged out of the ocean, and will eventually morph into something else, it would be hard to convince them that there is a higher power who has his eye perpetually on His man that He created, loves and cares for. And, that He can be called on to protect us from natural disasters. We just have to do it.

  2. Or perhaps the Earth changing is part of his plan! The Earth has been changing since it was created. Why should it stop now?

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