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Finally Relief For Tired Parents…

Parents are hiring baby sleep coaches and this is a trend that likely will stay. My first piece of coaching advice was “Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

No, I hadn’t hired a baby sleep coach. My advice came for free from the maternity nurse in the hospital before returning home with my newborn. The first time I became a parent, I was young and inexperienced. So, I didn’t listen. The first few nights weren’t so bad.

My baby slept in spurts throughout the night so I got some rest. By the end of the week, I was exhausted and realized that even though the laundry, dishes piled while my energy plummeted, sleep was something I had to get whenever I could. Thank God, I wasn’t a working parent and had the luxury of being a stay-at-home parent, my husband could not say the same.

He chose not to take a family medical leave because not working meant no income coming in. Night after night, he’d lose hours of sleep, then in the morning, he would take his exhausted body to work like a soldier. I’m amazed we survived.

Without proper rest, it’s really hard for working professionals and stay-at-home parents alike to function after a baby comes home. Some infants are easy to get into a routine, but some children are not. Between nursing schedules or colic bouts, it’s tough for a new parent to know what to do. Instead of trying to figure it out by themselves, especially when there’s so little time or patience to do it, they hire a baby sleep coach instead.

Sleep coaches weren’t around when we were new parents, but if they were, it’s likely we would not have been able to afford one.

What is a baby sleep coach? They are coaches who help parents teach their baby how to fall asleep by themselves. Yes, they are similar to a life coach but instead are a highly trained professional who assists desperate parents to get a good night’s sleep after a baby comes home. Sleep coaches can be found either through online courses, phone and text chats, or in-person for a fee.

They help exhausted parents figure out their baby’s sleeping style so that the child can quickly find a routine that works for the entire family. The cost of these services can range from $50 all the way up to $7500 for the in-home sleep training package. Sleep coaches can acquire certification from various programs, but this does not qualify their services to be paid by health insurance companies or by Medical Expense Accounts.

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