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Can Sharing a Smile Be the Secret to Happiness?

Every mom (and Dad!) remembers the head to toe feeling of utter joy when we see our baby’s first smile. Smiles make us laugh and smiles make us feel connected to one another – and smiles are infectious! We all know how easy it is to catch a cold. One sneeze in the right – place “Ah-choo” and you’re next. ...

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You Are The Best Example Your Children Have

As parents, we often find ourselves looking for heroes that our children can look up to. We fight tooth and nail when we see bad influences enter our children’s lives, and we jump for joy when we see a powerful and inspirational person step in to touch our children with motivation. With all of the searching that we do for ...

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Making Claims of Sexual Assault Is About to Get a Lot Harder

A class-action lawsuit filed in Michigan last week could change the way Americans look at campus sexual assault, a wrenching emotional issue that has divided colleges and the nation for well over a decade. Lawyers for several dozen male college students at Michigan State University who were found guilty of sexual assault – and summarily expelled — in recent years ...

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