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Things To Consider Before Getting Plastic Surgery

As women, we all want to look forever young and vibrant…even if we must pay for it! We get our breasts enlarged, our skin tightened, and our noses altered to fit our face. We do these things because we are never really satisfied with how we look.

Nevertheless, whether we choose plastic surgery as a result of insecurity or added confidence, we still want to make sure that we are safe in the process.

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Putting safety first is vital given the fact that risks are very real when having surgery of any sort. There are things to consider prior to getting on the table for bodywork to be done, and we will do all that we can to help you prepare.

Here are a few major items to think about prior to going under the knife;

  • Know Thy Self. It is important that you understand your own level of tolerance for anesthesia. We all know that without general anesthesia there will be no surgery, but that doesn’t mean that all anesthetics are the right fit for you and your personal tolerance. There are exactly three types of anesthesia; general, regional, and local. For plastic surgery, your doctor will definitely provide general anesthesia because it will require that you are unconscious so that you can’t feel any pain. For this, a great anesthesiologist will be vital because they will be responsible for doing this correctly. The right anesthesiologist is critical because it can help to determine life or death. Although only 1:100,000 patients face problems with anesthetics, you should never assume you won’t be at risk.
  • Know Thy Doctor. Many people fail to take the time to research their doctor prior to going under the knife for a procedure. They decide on a doctor based on price and then find themselves with problems much bigger than they ever thought possible. A recent article shared a story about a woman who went to Mexico to get a nose job done for only $135. She went because the price was incredibly affordable, and she thought that she would be safe given the procedure was done in a clinic. When they injected the anesthetics into her body they did so through her spine, which forced the medication upward into her brain. She is now on life support. This doesn’t have to happen. Just take the time to investigate your doctor and learn of any complaints from other patients, reviews, and check their credentials to make sure they are updated. You have this information at your fingertips on the web. Use it!
  • Don’t Be Cheap. It’s true that not everything that costs a great deal of money is truly a great deal at all. Many things can be bargained; however, you don’t want to think this way when it comes to your health or your safety. Go online and do a comparison of prices to get an idea of the general going rate for your procedure of interest. This will help you to feel confident in your ability to make an educated decision based on economics, not emotion. If you still aren’t convinced, just read about the woman mentioned earlier who went to Mexico for a cheap nose job. Now, she’s fighting for her life.

Plastic surgery is a wonderful thing when you take the time to research, research, research. Know the doctor you are dealing with when you investigate them by confirming their credentials. Also, know how much the procedure you would like to have costs in general.

Don’t try to cheat yourself because only you will suffer in the end. Look your absolute best! Just do so wisely.

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