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Ungrateful Son Destroys New Car To Spite Parents

Recently, two parents with little money saved up so that they could buy their son a new BMW for his birthday. Although their son told them that he wished to have a new Jaguar for his birthday, they bought him what they could afford at that time.

When the two parents presented the “gift” to their son, he immediately went ballistic and screamed in disgust about his anger and disappointment in the fact that they gave him a car that could not fit all of his friends. To add insult to injury, he then drove the car into a local river.

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The young man, known only as Akash, was seen in a video that went viral showing him pushing the vehicle into the river and then being helped out of the water by locals who witnessed the event.

When asked by local police why he pushed his brand new BMW into the river, he simply stated that the car was “too small for his buddies” and that his parents knew that he wanted a much bigger car, according to Fox News—where the story originally broke. The young man can be seen in the video laughing as he fights his way back onto shore. To him, the car was a slap in the face and he wanted to make sure that he returned the favor to his parents.

When the parents of the young man were questioned about the incident, they stated that they knew Akash wanted a Jaguar but that they could not afford the luxury vehicle. Instead, they bought something that they felt would be both nice and affordable for their son on his birthday.

The family are all residents of northern India and the parents are simple, hard-working individuals that claimed they wanted to provide their son with things they never had. It meant a lot for them to provide Akash with the car, but unfortunately, they had no idea that he would react so violently.

When asked about their feelings in regard to Akash’s reaction to his gift, the father stated that he wanted to give his son a birthday present that he could afford. He then went on to say that he “never imagined he would do anything like this” and stated that he and his wife were both astonished and devastated by their son’s reaction.

The police involved in the investigation of the sinking vehicle were equally astonished by the son’s lack of respect and arrogance. Police officials arrived on the scene after being called by an anonymous person who witnessed the entire event unfold. Akash was not arrested, although the car had to be pulled out of the river by a crane.

Officials stated that the incident was more a personal issue and that they would do a preliminary investigation. They also stated that they would proceed according to the law, however, they did not go into detail.

It is unknown as to whether Akash’s parents eventually provided him with the Jaguar, or if Akash eventually decided to keep the BMW. It was also not mentioned as to whether the BMW was completely totaled as a result of being pushed into the river.

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  1. First of all, why did anyone help this moron out of the water? Let him learn to swim…or not. Secondly, these parents had to know they had a total brat on their hands. Why support that? Let him get a job. Buy a bike and get around that way. And, use the earnings from his job to repay his parents for the now float-toy that used to be his car.

  2. If my son did something like that, I would buy him a skateboard and tell him that is the present he ever gets and I am contacting an attorney to have him removed from my will! What a dumbass putz!

  3. I went to high school with a girl, one grade above me, who’s father owned a GM dealership.
    Obviously she was going to get a car for graduation….he asked her for a few ideas and she immediately demanded a new Corvette. But it had to be yellow. Well, she got a Vette but all he could find in the area was light blue – yellow was hard to get due to demand. I heard when she got the car for graduation she refused because, you guessed it, it was blue…. This was a long time ago and even then all I could think was if I were the father I would taken the car back and bought her a yellow Chevette… Such ungrateful, spoiled self-serving people – but, first world problems, ya know??

  4. Let the boy walk.

  5. He has the makings of a future politician.

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