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Elizabeth Warren Wants to Place Safety Belts on Guns

Just when you thought the candidates for the 2020 presidency couldn’t get any worse with their unrealistic promises, they surprise you with yet another hair-brained idea. With that said, in walks Elizabeth Warren as she jumps on the bandwagon labeled “gun control” amidst mass shootings and societal chaos.

She claims that she has a plan that will reach the goal of cutting down the number of deaths by gun violence up to 80%.

This sounds great, but then she gets all happy and begins to compare gun restrictions to the restrictions placed on automobiles. It took a great deal of walking through a mystic maze of confusion, but she eventually said that much like automobiles have seatbelts, she feels the same restrictions should apply to those who are in possession of guns. Huh?

It’s as if the candidates are all attempting to one-up each other by providing crazy solutions to very real problems. Warren’s lofty goals, such as cutting down the deaths from gun violence by 80% is commendable. Even when she announces that her plan will hold both gun manufacturers and the gun industry CEO’s personally liable for those who have guns under the age of 21, it doesn’t make you shutter too hard.

However, when she gets all excited from the applause and begins to state how gun restrictions should match that of automobile safety…well, then it just gets a bit ridiculous. She points out that safety measures such as seat belts and airbags helped to reduce the number of deaths from automobile accidents. Staying in line with this logic, she then claims that the same approach can be applied to gun restrictions—which, according to her plan, will save almost every life in America. Wow. Sign me up.

Lastly, Warren’s plan calls for $100 million annual investment into gun violence research. She doesn’t really discuss exactly what the research will focus on, but we get the gist. Basically, they will research why people kill, who gets killed, and which guns are mostly used to do the killing.

Okay. So, when this research is complete, the best question would be “what will you do with the answers?” It appears that there will be a great deal of money spent on the formation of yet another committee that will simply provide us with answers that won’t make much of a difference. If they truly wanted to end gun violence, then try focusing on the people behind the gun…not the gun, itself. That’s like eliminating the distribution of automobiles because of the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers.

Warren’s plan sounds incredibly good and it even makes you feel all gushy inside when you hear her hit the points of her goal. As a matter of fact, when you watch her speak, you begin to wonder if she truly believes everything she’s saying. It’s one thing to play the political game and say what you know people want to hear (even though you don’t mean any of it), but it’s another to convince yourself that what you’re saying has merit.

Watching Warren speak with such fervor truly leaves you wondering if she’s crazy…or if she just thinks that we are. Either way, it’s enough to make us all stop and realize that this rabbit hole is only getting deeper. Hold on to your hats, ladies, and gentlemen. This wonderland is getting more interesting with each passing day.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. Just one of Pocahontas’ sound bites set off alarms for me. “$100 million for gun violence research”, Just as Obama’s “Green energy” plan was about neither greenness nor energy, but about handing out taxpayer money to people who had supported him (and would again), this sounds like a formula for handing over a bunch of OUR money (not yours, Liz) to universities and non-profit propaganda outlets which support Pocahontas. Once again, Pocahontas speak with forked tongue, promising to screw the American people with their own money.

  2. And your story says about as much of nothing as she does .

  3. HEY! LADY, Who the HELL do you think you are???? Your as bright as a 1 Watt bulb and you have the brains of a Feminist BITCH who thinks with an AirHead!!!!!!! Safety Belts on guns? That’s about as stupid as trying to watch a Tree grow money with green Elephant shit!!! Your already out in LEFT field not left wing!!!!
    She is brain washed by the AOC Stooges in Democrates Monkey cages. You think she believes her own words because she eats, sleeps, shits, and the 4 eyed Bitch is crazy.!!!!!!

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