Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

“Why did they boy through his alarm clock out the window? – He wanted to see time fly!’ Tempus Fugit – time does fly, and for busy moms there never seems to be enough time in-between what “you have to do,” to do what you “want to do,” for yourself or with your family.

So here are 10 tried and true time-saving tips!

  1. Save time on errands – You can save time on those time consuming, but necessary errands by planning an errand day to do your weekly run, and do it when those venues are least busy. Know your locations and directions and the best route to go from one to the next so you’re not backtracking.
  2. Make use of apps and the internet – Ordering as much as possible online, and paying bills online is a real timesaver.
  3. Plan your routines and stick to them – Routines are terrific for great family ease, and kids thrive best with routines–they know what to expect without complaining–which wastes time and energy. Especially include home events in your plan, such as bedtime chores, errands, and homework and you and “the Fam” will find more time to do them. Also, plan weekly meals ahead and prepare extras to freeze for 1 or 2 speedy servings a week.
  4. Learn to Delegate – The best generals and strategists know that battles are won by delegating responsibility! You can’t do it all yourself! Divvy up household tasks to provide for teamwork. Tidying up can be a quick 10 minute fun event if everyone lends a hand.
  5. Save time grocery shopping – You can save time grocery shopping if you keep a running grocery list out on your counter as you go along during the week, so you know exactly what you need.
  6. Get organized – You can waste less time looking for stuff by keeping regular spots for everyday things – your keys, phone, wallet kid’s school or play things, etc. A basket or tray near the front door can be helpful to empty pockets daily of essentials you’ll need readily the next moment. A large family calendar works wonders for planning, organizing and time management. This can be paper, chalk board, something the whole family can see appointments, activities and get together times.
  7. Be an early riser – One proven solution for getting work done in the most productive and time saving way that would allow more time for you to put into family living, is to work at home each morning for 1 1/2 hours before coming in to your office situation. This method has been proven to work from executives to anyone on the way up.

Research has shown that productivity alone does not give families meaning and quality. It is all about planning, and sticking to your plans for and protecting time each day in order to do things that matter and that you treasure with your family.

Today families have at least one, probably two working parents. The key to having quality family times, is to find that right work/life balance.

These are just a few valuable tips, tools, and takeaways to do just that, so you can stop living to work – and start working to LIVE!

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