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Mothers Are Burned Out

Burnout has become an official medical diagnoses, according to the World Health Organization, with woman at greatest risk. Parents do what they have to in order to make life work, but it comes with a cost. For women, that cost is their emotional and mental health. In fact, ‘burnout is real in the modern world’ according to a recent survey conducted by Motherly, a news site for women, and mothers are at the top of the list when it comes to feeling crispy.

In a national survey of 5700 thousand working moms, the findings were sad. 85 perent reported feeling unsupported by society.

Different problems were the reason why. From low wages, lack of affordable daycare, and unflexible working arrangements, women feel guilt burdened, exhausted and overwhelmed at what all must be accomplished within a 24-hour day.

In the past, women could choose to work or not work full-time, or if they did, there were grandparents nearby, friends or a neighbor who could help out when needed. The economy has driven the elderly into the workplace to supplement their own income. Many grandparents are also working seniors. The stay-at-home mother is more of an anomaly. Two working parents in a household is now the norm.

How to handle burn out is tricky. You will need to make time in a schedule where you already feel there’s little to spare. The first step is to see where you have options.

Sometimes delegating tasks to small hands in the home provides less than perfect results, but sharing responsibilities like folding the clothes during tv time. Try swapping out plates for paper ones to save dish washing time. Things that can give you minutes back to your day that you need are a good place to start.

Get plugged in. Many moms no longer attend church or meet up with other women, and in the past this was a place where females gave each other support. If you have a Facebook group where you can chat about resources, join in the conversation. If you already have female friends, perhaps exchanging sitting times so you can get a nap in one day and she another, can make a world of a difference.

What not to do when you feel burned out is to ignore the symptoms, especially anxiety or depressive emotions. In situations where burnout has become extreme, it’s ideal to speak to a medical professional that you trust.


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