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Technology Is Sacrificing Our Children’s Identity And Safety

Technology makes it possible for parents to monitor their baby while the baby sleeps or plays in a room completely separated from the parent. With the use of video monitoring systems, parents are able to get more done while watching their children at the same time.

A big difference from how parents had to literally do it all, while ensuring the safe keeping of their children, only a decade ago. Although technology can be great, it can also be a bit disturbing when it is teamed up with apps that hold valuable information. As adults, we sacrifice our privacy every day as we utilize apps for entertainment and social purposes. What happens, however, when parents utilize new apps that record the information of their children?

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Are parents even aware that they are risking the personal information and image of their newborns, all just to take advantage of apps that do what a parent can do on their own? Probably not.

Pampers is the latest brand to team up with the advancement of technology—now making it easier for moms to monitor their baby’s urine cycle.

They system works with a monitor that is made into the diaper, which is teamed up with an app that tracks what’s going on inside. When a baby urinates, the parent receives an alert from the app that lets them know it’s time to change the baby. Pretty simple stuff, and it seems pretty harmless.

The problem isn’t so much the diaper…instead, it’s the app that stores the image, video monitoring system, and information of the baby.

Much like most apps that have proven they are not secure enough to ensure the protection of the users personal information, the smart diaper risks the information that a parent shares about their baby.

A Pampers spokesperson stated that the account information for the app would include a baby’s name, gender, date of birth, and a 24-hour archive of video from the monitor, plus a profile photo of the baby. This is a lot of information, that if found in the wrong hands, could potentially put a baby’s privacy in danger.

The same way personal information gets stolen or sold when shared on apps, a baby’s identity could run the risk of being stolen before he or she even has an opportunity to begin their lives. All of this simply because a parent wants a diaper to tell them when they should come and change their own baby.

Technology makes life much simpler and it allows us the chance to do more in less time. This is wonderful, however, there are some things that we should forbid technology to control. The basic needs of a baby should be supplied by their parent, and not AI.

A baby has the ability to let a parent know when they need to be changed through their intense crying. If a parent chooses to ignore the cries of their baby, but will respond to an alert about their baby on their smartphone, then we as a society really need to stop and realize how we are allowing technology to take over our lives.

It is the responsibility of a parent to ensure that their baby is safe…this should include the identity of their baby. The personal image and information of a child should be as protected by a parent as the child themselves.

Any parent sharing the personal information of their child on apps so that they can use technological services should be on alert that they have at that moment placed their child in potential harm. AI has its place, but it shouldn’t be in a baby’s diaper.

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