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Restorative Sleep Is Rare In Women, Study Says

Mother may know best, but the father is the one who gets all the rest. Well, that’s not really how the rhyme goes, but there’s truth to it, nonetheless.

Men have this amazing ability to be fully present in the moment. Without much prompting or course study, the art of clearing the mind has been the worldwide struggle of females everywhere. Yet, ask any man what he’s thinking when at rest, and chances are the answer is ‘nothing.’

That ‘nothing’ is one of the primary reasons men sleep deeper, more soundly, and restfully than women do. A recent study on the sleep habits of men vs. women, particularly married couples, men slept best. In a sleep study comparing male habits to women’s, females said that falling asleep and staying asleep contributed to their lack of sleep.

Even though women get roughly 11 minutes more sleep than their husband, they feel more tired and less rested.

What makes it difficult for a woman to fall asleep? An inability to rest her mind. Women tend to hit the pillow and start thinking.

Their mind racing and reviewing tomorrow’s to-do list makes it difficult to shut the brain down for slumber. In addition to staying asleep, women of varying ages and life stages reported that night sweats to pregnancy cause mid-night wake up calls to the restroom. When back to bed, the cycle of overthinking restarted.

Men, on the other hand, did not report having difficulty with falling and staying asleep. Of course, uninterrupted sleep allows for deep, restorative rest to take place; hence why males sleep better than women even though they dream for less time.

What can women do to help themselves fall asleep and stay eyes closed until the morning? Research has shown that having a night routine just before bedtime helps prepare the mind for rest. Turning off technology and leaving the television out of the bedroom is highly recommended.

Taking a cool bath followed by lavender on the pillow also helped encourage restfulness. Keeping the thermostat set to a lower degree, wearing an eye mask and earplugs also help to prevent waking triggers

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