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Grandparents who spoil their grandchildren despite how the parents might feel

Raising respectful, independent, and loving children is hard enough — especially in a society that promotes possessions and propaganda.

Parents try to teach their children that despite what they see on social media, they must maintain a certain level of self-respect and earn everything they receive in life.

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This lesson isn’t always easy, but what makes it more challenging are the lovely grandparents who just can’t help themselves when it comes to spoiling their grandchildren.

The Family-School Relationships Survey was conducted by Panorama Education, and it found that many individuals who identified as grandparents admitted that they treat their grandchildren better than they treated their children while they were growing up.

The survey also showed that grandparents admitted that they often ignored the request of the parents when it came to how they assisted in raising the children. This can be a problem because you can easily have conflicting messages being thrown in the direction of the children. A parent might want their child to learn the importance of earning the money necessary to purchase something that the child really wants.

This is a great lesson for any child because it will help teach them the importance of saving money and working for the money they receive. Grandparents, on the other hand, might conflict with this lesson by doing just the opposite of the parent in this case. Rather than teaching their grandchildren the importance of saving money and earning money, they might tend to simply go and purchase the item that the child wanted and give it to them without any question.

It’s understandable that grandparents love their grandchildren, and they want to see them happy. The problem, however, is that giving a child anything they want will not teach them any values that will help to benefit them as adults. Additionally, giving a child anything they ask for only sets them up for disappointment when they see that this is not how the real world works.

Parents must take the time to sit down their own parents and explain why it is imperative that they all remain on the same page when it comes to child-rearing. If grandparents truly love their grandchildren, they must understand that they have a responsibility to help prepare their grandchildren for a world that won’t be as kind as they are. Show love by sharing their time, attention, and dedication, rather than by sharing their money through gifts that were not earned—and in some cases, not deserved.

It truly takes a village to raise a strong child these days. The input of grandparents is important because they bring a certain amount of wisdom and experience. Additionally, the more love a child receives from their family members, the happier and more balanced they will grow to be.

All it takes is proper communication and respect between all parents so that the child can see that the family stands firm as a whole on what it means to be moral, loving, and caring. Plus, no one wants their child to grow up believing that love can be shown through material things. If everyone is on the same page, they can all rejoice in the evolution of a strong, independent, and stable child.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. irresponsible “parents” need a village. It takes real parents and a family to raise a child with any hope of success.

  2. And may I add , no parent wants their child to grow up thinking that they can play one persons love for them against another’s. Or that love is is only about what can you do for me. But I guess that’s just human nature.

  3. It seems for the most part that grandparents have better values that the younger generation and sometimes provide the children what they need the most, that is time and attention. Parents today are completely wrapped up in their jobs and themselves so much that they have forgotten what is really important

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