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USA Women’s Soccer Team Accused of Christian Bias

Like millions of critical thinking Americans, I viewed the USA Women’s Soccer team with admiration and pride for their incredible athletic skills and their sheer dominance within the sport.

And like many conservatives, I attempted to separate the accomplishment of the athlete on the playing field from the individual spewing vile comments about our President and America in general.

Sadly that’s where we are today — merely watching a sporting event has become a pitched emotional battle between the right and the left.

However regardless of those ungrateful anti-American players on “TEAM USA” I nevertheless cheered when they won the World Cup.

However, soon after their victory, a persistent and nagging question arose once again, “where was Jaelene Hinkle, and how come she didn’t make the team”?

Hinkle according to soccer aficionados is one of the best-left defenders in woman’s soccer today, she’s also a devout Christian, which is perhaps the reason why she wasn’t selected for the USA Women’s Soccer Team, in that the most vocal and influential members on the team are openly gay.

The absence of one of the best women’s soccer players in the nation from the national squad that just won the World Cup has prompted that very question from many within the media.

According to the Washington Times, the 26-year old “has been called the top left defender in the U.S. game.” Fox News also noted that Hinkle “helped her team win the NWSL championship and previously helped it win a title in 2016 when it was known as the Western New York Flash.”

Hinkle has been open about her Christian faith, which no doubt kept her off “TEAM USA” considering her views regarding legalized same-sex marriage, publicly voicing her opposition on Instagram to the 2015 Supreme Court ruling.

Another incident in 2017 involved the woman’s team celebrating Gay Pride Month, in which Hinkle was required to wear a special Gay Pride team jersey for two international matches, Hinkle instead declined to play.

Appearing soon after the incident on the televised “700 Club” Hinkle explained her reason for not wearing the jersey, “I just felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey. I gave myself three days to just seek and pray and determine what [God] was asking me to do in this situation.”

Soon after the “700 Club” interview, Hinkle traveled to Portland, Oregon, to play. Fans waving rainbow flags booed her. Since that incident, Hinkle has not played for the national team since.

Her absence from the World Cup roster had Coach Jill Ellis scrambling for an explanation for the media. The coach who also happens to be gay explained to reporters that the decision was “solely based on soccer,” an explanation greeted with widespread skepticism.”

Reporters noted that Ellis did indeed call Hinkle last year for the Tournament of Nations games; however Ellis a few days later cut Hinkle and another player from the roster. The move was seen by many as a clever attempt to avoid a discrimination lawsuit.

There’s little doubt what we’re witnessing is reverse discrimination by those openly gay individuals (including the coach) towards Hinkle, who perhaps believes that same-sex, sex is a sin.

John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview in Colorado Springs, Colorado, told The Washington Times:

“You do have a very activist team. It’s very much a part of the program. And if we were talking about just any player, it wouldn’t be really clear, but just because of her abilities. Jaelene Hinkle is a heck of a player; it makes it that much more suspect.”

Adding, “We know that increasingly there is going to have to be conformity on your viewpoint to be able to participate. I think that’s inevitable. We use the phrase “the theology of being fired” in this case, it’s the theology of being cut.”



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  1. Funny Hinkle wasn’t in the top 8 in 2018 but now all of sudden it’s a big deal she wasn’t on the team. Why can’t people stop creating division where it doesn’t exits.

  2. Your article seems biased as well. I am not sure if top sports players should use their sports presentation as the place to express personal opinions. It appears Jaelene made a personal decision not to participate, rather than imply she was excluded due to her religious beliefs. Perhaps it was her personal decision not to join the team because of her strong personal religious beliefs; not wanting to play with others whose life choices conflicted with her beliefs. We must all learn to be tolerant of each other’s beliefs and followings, and not exclude or be excluded merely because of differences, not matter how strong they are. If others have independent beliefs, a decision not to participate should not be exploited to require others to conform to the differences.

  3. As Christians it is very important to remember The Lord and Savior who we serve says that same sex marriage, living together, adultery, stealing, killing, taking Gods word in Vain, being disobedience to God word is SIN.
    We obey God word not ours if they have a issue with that they need to take in up with GOD.
    The issue in not us being obedient to God and His word the issues is that Gods word is like a mirror and shows them how sinful what they are doing is !!
    I know that there is no greater sinner then I and that is why I need My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in my heart and to repent of my sinful ways
    Remember brother and sisters in Christ:
    Read all of Romans 1 and you will read how GOD feels about many social issues
    I leave you with this:
    “I would rather stand with GOD and be judged by the world
    Then stand with the world and be judged by GOD!!
    Blessings to you who are persecuted for following Jesus Christ.
    In the Love of Jesus Christ.

  4. Start an all-Christian team and see who wins the match. It will be interesting.

    • Concerning the instance of all players having to wear the “Gay Pride” uniform, what do you think would happen if all players were required to wear a uniform that stated, “God Loves Everyone.”? It will never come to pass, but the reactions would be interesting.

      • If some players objected by saying, “I don’t believe in God”, the best riposte would be, “I don’t believe in Gay Pride”.

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