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We Need to Protect Babies… and Their Mothers

We are undergoing vast amounts of changes regarding the life and health of a woman’s unborn child and how it is to be protected. Currently, many states are struggling to grasp whether it should be illegal for a woman to have an abortion, and this is beginning to create deeper issues.

Throughout the media, there are stories of women who are being convicted of neglecting their unborn child.

Recently, a pregnant woman got into an altercation with another woman. As a result of the fight, she was shot in the stomach and lost her child. The courts found the shooter to be innocent due to self-defense – choosing to instead convict the pregnant mother on manslaughter charges. This report is only one of many that take “abortion” to another level by targeting mothers.

This makes one wonder if the egg came before the chicken or if it was the other way around. The lines are beginning to become extremely blurred.

It is enough to make a person wonder if a mother is guilty of neglect – and able to be charged – if she eats junk food while pregnant. This is the danger of having the government decide what’s best for a mother and her unborn child.

Bad foods for an unborn child

We all know that drugs and alcohol are deadly for unborn children because they can cause congenital disabilities. What you might not know is that there are certain foods that are just as dangerous to a fetus. According to Healthline, high-mercury fish is a highly toxic element that can cause great harm to an unborn child.

Experts also state that undercooked or raw fish can cause infections to the mother that can prove deadly to her unborn child. This being the case, can a woman be charged for neglect if she eats these foods knowing that they can be potentially harmful to her unborn child?

She might be based on the courts. Currently, the Unborn Child Protection Act (Act 292) allows pregnant women to be accused of “unborn child abuse,” and the feeling seems to be gaining traction nationally.

The health of an unborn child is important and should be protected by the courts, especially if the mother is not doing her part to ensure her fetus is safe. However, the health and well-being of the mother should be considered.

Spending the necessary time and resources to provide pregnant women with information on proper food choices and assisting women who suffer from drug abuse will save two lives, rather than only one. It’s something to think about and we must give it attention before we find pregnant women getting convicted for eating too many hamburgers.

Don’t laugh. It’s actually heading in that direction.

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