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Are Those Flip Flops Ruining Your Feet?

It’s summer, and we all know what that means! Time to break out the shorts, sunscreen, and flip flops. These are the most common companions during the summer months, and for good cause. The sunscreen protects our skin for violent radiation and overexposure, and the shorts keep us nice and cool.

But what about those flip flops that we tend to wear (even if we aren’t at the pool or the beach)? Did you know that flip flops are the worst shoes that you could wear due to their lack of support? It’s time to ditch those flops for something that will be more kind to your feet.

Why flip flops are so deadly

It is no secret that the flat rubber-soled shoes are a big hit for everyone during the summer. They keep the feet cool because they allow the foot to be completely exposed. This might be something that sounds great for most, but did you know that they were the worst things you could ever wear on your feet.

Not only do they put you in danger if you, or your child, would ever step on glass or any other sharp object that could easily pierce through the bottoms, but they also provide very little support to the foot…which ultimately will cause great pain.

Dr. Mallika Marshall, a medical contributor to The Early Show, states that “preliminary research from Auburn University shows that the thin soles and the need to grasp the shoes onto our feet force us to walk differently, and could cause problems with legs, knees, hips, and backs.” She also stated that the lack of support from these shoes cause problems with arches and heels.

If the fact that you run the risk of stepping on items and harming yourself, or merely harming your body from the non-supportive shoes, isn’t enough…there’s more. Doctors are now warning individuals that wearing flip flops is dangerous because it can ultimately contribute to skin cancer. That’s right. Wearing flip flops for an extended period of time, and wearing them virtually every day, will increase a person’s risk of skin cancer because their feet are completely exposed on a continual basis.

Are you suffering from foot pain and swelling? You might want to contribute this pain to your footwear. A recent article in Cosmopolitan magazine discussed how flip flops can cause overuse injures all the way up the body, including Achilles tendonitis (an injury to the tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone), heel pain, and pinched nerves in the back. It was also stated that flip flops can exacerbate bunions.

If you are suffering from foot pain as a result of your flat, and unsupportive, footwear simply soak your feet in Epson Salt, massage them to get the circulation going, and get rid of your flip flops. You don’t want to sacrifice the health of your feet simply because you want to wear shoes that are easy and convenient, do you? Take the opportunity to save your feet while you can because you will need them for the rest of your life.

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