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Dangerous New App Is Alarming Women Everywhere

Recently, there has been an online outcry over a new app called DeepNudes that uses AI to create fake nude photos of women. The app had already become misused by men who would then take images of fully clothed women and then place them in porn videos.

Basically, the app makes it possible for women to be harassed with only the click of a finger. Considering this technology is fairly new, there aren’t any regulations in place to protect women who become victims of its misuse.

The creator of the app has since shut it down, thanks to a widespread uproar over the app’s abilities to completely humiliate women worldwide. Remind you, this app does not work on men—so taking a photo of a guy and attempting to see what’s going on inside his clothes is not going to happen.

A woman, on the other hand, can wake up one morning and find that she has been placed in several porn videos, and is showering the internet with her naked body…well, it won’t be her naked body, but the world wouldn’t know that. Although the app was shut down by the owner for fear of misuse, the damage has already been done.

Within the two-month time frame that the app was available, men have already discovered new ways to take random pictures of women off the internet and apply the app to turn the fully clothed woman into a porn star…without her knowledge, of course. This entire scenario only proves that women still have a long way to go when it comes to receiving the respect needed to maintain a certain level of dignity.

Men often complain that women need to ‘lighten up’ and ‘not take everything so seriously’ when it comes to their reaction to sexist remarks or actions. The problem with that attitude is that it fails to understand the plight of women who have been struggling for years to be respected, appreciated, and understood by men.

It equally fails to support open door policies that provide women with equal rights and opportunities. I mean, how can one support equality among another when they don’t feel the two are truly equal. Anytime an app utilizes AI to further sexist mayhem against women, we can rest assured that this will only be the beginning of a new level of struggle for those professed feminists out there.

Advanced technology should be used to not only advance societies ability to progress technologically, but it should assist in our becoming better people, somehow. Through technical achievements, we should find ways to bridge the gap of communication between the sexes so that we can gain further understanding and mutual respect. Finding ways to drive a car without actually driving it should not be the focus when we think of how we can use technology to become a better race of humans.

Women are the mothers, teachers, nurturers, and the consciousness of society, and as such, should be taken rather seriously. If all women begin to view themselves the way most men view them (as objects to be gawked at, used, and misused) then how will our children learn to become better people in the future?

Like it or not, over 77% of America’s teachers are all women, according to, and they have the power to influence an entire generation of children. Additionally, over 83% of single parenthood in America falls onto the shoulders of women. Women have taken on the role of being the guide for our children, so how is it that they are being punished by men who refuse to step up and assume the responsibilities themselves?

We can only hope that as more women take on the role of engineers and app developers, they will somehow fight the AI sexist war where it begins…right at the front line. Until then, let’s all keep in mind that there can be no peace within the consciousness of humanity when we continue to find new ways to break one another down.

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