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Sleep Problems Among Couples Is Common

Lack of quality sleep can be the primary reason for poor health in men, and also in women. In fact, women who sleep with their partners are at higher risk for poor sleep due by nature.

A sleep study revealed that women who slept in the same bed with their significant other reported less sound rest than females who slept in a different bedroom. More than 63 percent of partners who slumbered with one another were observed in studies to unconsciously avoid touching one another, another reason why buying that king size bed may not be a luxury purpose but a necessity for marital reasons.

It sounds so romantic to go to bed nestled up close with your loved one and having them nearby. But when more than 50 percent of individuals participating in a various sleep surveys revealed that night times with the love of their life left them feeling like they didnt’ sleep at all, it’s time to rethink bedroom traditions.

Reasons why couples have problems getting enough shut eye when with one another include disagreements about room temperature, hogging the bedsheets, and snoring. Females whose partner snore tend to wake up multiple times a night which can lead to hormonal changes, weight gain and forgetfulness.

Women who slept in a separate bed viewed their rest as compromised when a partner can be heard sleeping, but they reported longer hours of sleep vs the others.

Ways to combat incompatibilities when it comes to couple’s sleep habits and sharing a bed. Decide what temperature is comfortable, then set the thermostate early. The suggested temperature for a bedroom is between 60-67 degrees.

Also, it’s adviseable to have each individual assigned their own blanket and pillow, ear plugs, lavender on the pillow and a large enough bed that there’s room to move without taking up each other’s personal space.

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