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Born before 1989? You Need To Get Your MMR Booster

A friend of mine shared a long post made by a friend of hers with a photo of a baby attached. The woman recounted the anniversary of her daughter’s death when she was still too young to receive the MMR vaccination and became exposed to the deadly virus during a visit to the pediatrician’s office.

Just the other day, while taking my own two children to the pediatrician’s office, a large letter was on the window stating that patients who refused vaccinations would not be accepted by the medical practice.

The reality is that the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for youth (and the adults who care for them. From mass shootings now to viruses that can kill, there’s reason to take extra care. Since 2000, when the disease was thought to be eradicated, there have since been more than 704 reported cases among individuals who have been vaccinated with MMR across 22 states.

It may suprise you to hear that if you were born between the years 1957-1989, you may put yourself and others at risk for the measles. The Center for Disease Control has issued a statement that individuals born before 1989 that they are at higher risk for mumps, measles, and rubella.

The MMR shot used to be a single dose before 1989, but now, the CDC states this may not be sufficient protection against the three dangerous viruses. Travelers without immunization from measles can carry the virus, and expose individuals, as happened in California at the LAX airport.

If you don’t know how many shots or what you are immunized against, you can ask your doctor for a blood test to see what antigens are in your system. Also, doctor’s offices report their immunization records to the state health department, and you can also contact there to receive your immunization record.

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  1. Article pure garbage and Political Propaganda!! The VAXXED are the ones spreading and SHEDDING THE VIRUS AROUND TOWNS!! IF VAX’S WERE REAL THEN THEY ARE TO PROTECT PEOPLE FOR LIFE, RIGHT AND NO UNVAXXED PERSON IS A THREAT TO ANY ALREADY VAXXED PERSON- BUT VAX IS A TOTAL FRAUD!! USE SOME LOGIC PEOPLE! They are injecting known poisons into your body and bypassing the Blood-Brain Barrier so it causes permanent Brain damages, Death and Autism. This garbage has now caused the largest Shingles outbreaks in younger generations that NEVER happened prior to VAX. This is a for-profit scam of & for Big Pharma…cradle to grave profits. And who knows what Nanoparticles they have put in as well to control people. WHY ELSE THE BIG MANDATORY PSYCHO PUSH AND PROPAGANDA BY OUR CORRUPT GOVT. TO FORCE VAX THE LAST 2%….. OUR IMMUNINE SYSTEMS ARE STRONGER WITHOUT VAX! Our bodies survived thousands of years just fine without 69 VAXES before 6 years old!

  2. You forgot to mention that if you develop a rash from the vaccine, you should stay away from babies, pregnant mothers, and cancer patients, because the vaccine can shed, because it is a live virus and you may actually develop a mild case of measles.

  3. I had measles, mumps, and rubella, because I’m old and no vaccines were available. Fortunately, I survived without any consequences. However, I was a Physical Therapist, and many years ago, I treated several children who had physical consequences from having had one of those diseases. I also have been in hospitals with survivers of polio. Can you imagine a room with six people in iron lungs? They would never be able to breath on their own. Alissa, I’m sure that you are too young to understand how important vaccines are.

  4. For conservative moms who are not yet aware of this, the MMR is one of the vaccines that uses aborted fetal cell lines in its production. I would hope as conservative moms, that this would at the very least cause you to pause and do a little more research into this complex issue! According to the CDC’s most recently published Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary from October, 2018 available and easily found on its website, 14 of the 58 currently available vaccines contain one and sometimes two different sources of aborted fetal cells. Regarding Measles, Mumps, and Rubella specifically, there are three versions listed, with the WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts listed as one of the ingredients in the MMR alone. The other two are MMRV vaccines (ProQuad), both frozen and refrigerator stable versions, contain the WI-38 and also the MRC-5 cells. These are the only vaccines listed for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. The National Vaccine Information Center has much valuable information on this and many other vaccine related issues, and I strongly encourage you to dig into this a great deal more. Vaccine injury is also very real and much more common than most people realize, and the risk of it should also be taken very seriously. Religious and moral convictions, like having a problem with the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines directly injected into other people, are sacred as is human life itself.

  5. YOU might want to do better research on proper immunizations! Measles was spread through entire unvaccinated communities because they were NOT properly vaccinated! It’s called ‘herd immunity’. And YES it’s been around since man has been. Only we had survival of the fittest back then. Stay out of my town if you’re not vaccinated!

    This above article is TOTAL PROPAGANDA AND LIES by the vaccine producers and their minions.
    Check the facts, DO YOUR OWN READING (Dissolving Allusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries) and investigation on the subject. The decline of the most deadly diseases was due to:
    (1.) Public Municipal water and sewage treatment systems.
    (2.) Improved diet and hygiene
    (3.) Adequate housing
    (4.) Pest control
    The decline of all the major diseases occurred AFTER these social infrastructure improvements and BEFORE the vaccines became available.

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