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Sharing Goals Gets Results

Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on. For it won’t be long, ‘til I’m gonna need – somebody to lean on…

The familiar words of Bill Withers’ inspirational classic – ring very true when it comes to achieving goals and solving problems. Experts agree that one of the most successful ways to achieve your personal goals – is to share them others.

Sharing Goals Makes You More Accountable – According to many experts, acceptability and accomplishing goals is the cornerstone of reaching your goals. This is the concept behind “group therapy” of any kind, from grief counseling to groups like AA, or for think tanks, and brainstorming like in a Mastermind group.

But, it does not have to be in a group to work. Sharing your goals for personal growth, even with just one other person raises the level of accountability. You become accountable to that person when you tell him or her, I am going to do “XYZ” by this or that date, towards a given goal. He or she is there to see that you keep to your word –or hold you accountable.

You can have an actual formal arrangement with this person, who will check up on your progress – or it can be just informal and still be effective. When a person close to you is aware of your goals – it will come up as gentle reminders in social situations. For example, if you are trying to reduce or moderate your drinking – the person you have shared that goal with may remind you not to order that cocktail – and also if he or she is aware of those kinds of goals, that individual will be less likely to tempt you by engaging in the behaviors you want to moderate.

Also, sharing your goals will make you more accountable to yourself. If the only one who knows about a given goal is yourself – you may be more inclined to “cheat” – but if you know others are out there cognizant of your goals and watching – it may help you stay on the “straight and narrow.”

Sharing Your Goals Gives You Perspective and Objective Advice

Let’s face it, everyone loves to give advice. And when you share a problem or a goal with another – whether you actually ask for it or not – one of the first things they will do is offer some advice. It may not always be good advice– but sharing goals opens up a wealth of possibilities and options you may not have thought of, or experiences others may have had with reaching the same goal.

Also, sharing goals brings a fresh outlook or perspective on your problem or goal. The person you share the goal with may have access to resources you do not have – or recommend books, websites, or other ideas related to the situation, you may not be aware of.

Sharing Goals Via Social Media

Sharing your goals with relatives and trusted friends no doubt can help you focus and accomplish your dreams. Many people are also using social networking and the power and ubiquity of those communities to share their goals online.

This is especially true when it comes to less personal or career or work-oriented goals. Even for personal goals, once you have shared them with your “Inner Circle” you can use Twitter and Facebook – to keep everyone in the loop – or get some positive feedback and encouragement by posting things like “Hey, congratulate me- today is my 5th day without a cigarette!”


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