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Can Microchimerism Lead To Miscarriages?

When it comes to love and intimacy, there’s scientific data circulating regarding DNA and women who have complications related to pregnancy — particular when a woman has had multiple male sexual partners.

In 2011, scientists started to notice a pattern with women who experienced preeclampsia, a blood pressure complication that takes place during pregnancy. Foreign DNA cells in the brains of these women had been present for up to a decade.

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Women were either pregnant with their second male child from a different father from the first born male child or carried an antigen that the first group of women had.

This antigen was only presented in women with exposure to male DNA. Pregnant women with preeclampsia were also reported to have changed sexual partners within a short amount of time and/or experienced a miscarriage or abortion in the past.

“The presence of two genetically distinct cell populations in the same individual” is called microchimerism.

In other words, a woman who has her own DNA also carries DNA from another human being. The study was first conducted on female rats and found that when exposed to male DNA through sex, that they carried their partner’s and male offspring DNA in the fluid of their brains.

Hence, the extended version of this finding became the belief that women hold the DNA of each sexual partner they have ever had.

Females who gave birth to a male carried an H-Y antigen. Women who were carriers of the H-Y antigen were at higher risk for miscarriage, and other pregnancy complications.

Women who had never given birth to male children, and mothers who were pregnant with a female child and developed complications in pregnancy were also noted to carry the H-Y antigen.

Scholars, such as Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D who is a top commentator on Quora claims this rumor as sensationalized hogwash, as does snopes.

However, if this is true, this would be quite a compelling argument to compel stricter laws and consequences towards males who rape women since it not only hurts the female but could also lead the miscarriage of children later in life.

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Aria Gmitter writes about parenting and political matters affecting the family.


  1. Rapists and child molesters should be excited by the government. What they do is despicable.

    • Correction: Executed, not excited.

    • So why did you change the word executed to excited? You also ignored my email to correct it. You have censored my speech. Please either change it or completely remove my post. Thank you.

  2. That would explain why the Bible says that husbands and wives become “one flesh”.

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