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It’s Always a day at the Beach With These “Funtastic” Towels

You don’t have to have a real beach nearby to love the vibrant fun of a kid’s beach towel.

We all know the purpose of towels, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dry –especially for the little ones! But kids desperately need towels, because anywhere there is water, that’s the place for a child’s most favorite splishy splashy friend.

And that’s where letting your kids have their own special fun beach towel comes in! It’s the next best thing to a “security blanket,” – and in many cases, doubles for one!

Beach Towels With Character

For boys or girls, there are beach towels featuring Woody and the whole gang from Toy Story, Lightening McQueen from cars, Dori and Nemo, and of course, Mickey and Minnie themselves. Every cartoon, movie, or comic book character you child adores, can be found on a beach or bath towel.

Just Add Water – or Not

Add a beach towel, and a dash of a child’s imagination and it’s a recipe for tons of fun, – even with “no water added.” Four year old Jonathan pulls out his Nemo beach towel, and Brother Jason favors Mickey Mouse. While Jonathan lays out the ample Nemo towel backdrop and plays school and swimming out to his plush toy submarine, Jason pulls out all his little friends to join his Mickey Mouse Club fair.

And, when it’s time for a snack, these towels are an inviting and easy place for the kids to sit and munch without getting the crumbs all over the place.

There is something about making a tent that kids just have to do. They’ll pull over heavy chairs, pile up blocks, and pillows and stretch those huge beach towels over them to give them their camping tent or private “members only” club.

Wet and Wild

But of course the primary purpose of a beach towel is water play! Now when it comes to actual beaches, some people have them, others have a backyard, or porch wading pools, or sprinklers. Splashing is the best, and wrapping up like a burrito is no struggle with cartoon beach towels with friendly faces and warm embraces.

If you don’t have a beach or a backyard pool, or it’s any other season but hot, you can make a beach party right inside. You decorate with tropical clothes, tropical party goods, use some inexpensive blue beach towels on sale for the water.

The kids can paint shells, and you can serve cupcake ice cream cones. Play fishing pond games with dollar store poles and fish, or a tub filled with suds and water for finding sunken treasure. Give out party favors of sand pails with shovels or shells, shark teeth necklaces, games. And of course, make sure each kid has his or her own special choice towels ready for use.

Musical towels is a favorite with moms of young ones since no one falls off the chairs and gets knocked to the ground in the frenzy, they just grab a spot on a beach towel and lie down when the music stops. The loser can have the cool job of picking out and collecting a towel to remove.

If your beach party is outdoors, a beach towel is great for use as a very safe “net” for throwing the beach ball over the net games. Then wind it up to stretch across for the limbo.

The most favorite kid’s pastime is probably dress up, and what child doesn’t like to pretend he or she is some powerful figure? And there are great kids hooded beach towels perfect for this role play. Star Wars beach towels are available in their personalities — Anakin, or Luke Skywalker, Stormtroopers, and Yoda. These hooded beach towels let kid’s imaginations soar defending the galaxy as a valiant Jedi Knight, or hiding beneath a hooded beach towel, using the dark side of the force!

For hours and hours of wet and dry fun that never has to end, just “throw in the (beach) towel!”

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