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Survey Reveals The Majority Of Women Hide Food From Family

By the time my third child was born I was used to eating cold meals and sometimes not finishing a plate of food at all. It’s one of the costs associated with being a mom of young people. Even if you take a child to the bathroom to use the potty and wash their hands before the meal is served and ready to eat, inevitably something happens.

For me, it would be a toddler who would want to sit in my lap and be spoon fed while while their stroked my hair with one hand. If I had just become a new mother, it wasn’t uncommon for me to nurse in the middle of a meal. My child loved eating when everyone else was nibbling, too!

Those moments when my children went to sleep just after bath time were so sweet. The house was so quiet. I would plop myself down on the sofa to eat one piece candy. I didn’t have to share. I could let the chocolate melt in its own sweet time and not have to say a word to anyone. That single moment was all about me!

Apparently, I am not the only parent whose hidden a favorite snack from my children. A recent study reveals that most moms (and likely fathers) do, too. Seven-three women who are also moms between the ages 21-45, admitted to taking a snack, stashing it, and savoring it later in secret. Typical snacking times included 10 am, 2 pm and 3 pm. The poll was conducted by Crispy Green, a freeze dried fruit manufacturer, and their audience revealed that two-thirds of moms have something to eat hidden in their home, and they don’t want to share the secret stash with anyone, not even their partner.

What reasons did these women give for wanting to sneak in solitude to enjoy a bite by themselves? Peace and quiet was the most common answers.

At the top of the list were chips, cookies and candy. Fifty-eight percent of women polled reported feelings of guilt associated with their me-time dish.

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