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Woman Power: Donations Flowing To Trump

Who can forget those radical feminists in 2017 wearing pink pussy hats and large satin vagina lips during their worldwide Women’s March protesting and demonstrating against the new administration? Even pop diva Madonna declared she wanted to “blow up the White House.”

Fast forward to 2019 and a much different dynamics is taking place reluctantly being covered by the mainstream media — in that, another myth is finally being debunked regarding woman and the Trump Administration.

The party that claims to be for “woman’s rights” which is embraced by such radical feminist leaders like Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, Teresa Shook, and Carmen Perez, might be shocked to learn that President Trump is supported by more woman than any of the Democratic candidates currently running for President.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing data has shown that more women donated to President Donald Trump’s campaign in the first quarter of the year than any of the 2020 Democrats.

In fact, the President is currently doing better 2-to-1 compared to his nearest rival — with the President receiving 10,375 donations from women to Sen. Kamala Harris’ 3,850 donations.

What is even more significant according to the data, are the amounts of the donations to the President’s reelection, ranging between $200 and 499 dollars from female supporters.

This best underscores the false premise propagated by the mainstream media that radical leftist movements like the “Woman’s March” are indicative of how woman think, when in fact just the opposite is true, in that woman aren’t a monolithic group regarding social and pragmatic issues. Much like their male counterparts, women respond to issues directly affecting them.

They follow “pocketbook” issues carefully concerning the unemployment rate, which dropped to 3.4% the best since September of 1953, and that the U.S. added an additional 263,000 new jobs under President Trump.

Those strong economic numbers have seen the President’s approval among woman slowly and continually moving upward from 36.3% at the end of 2018, skyrocketing in the first quarter of 2019 to 45.45% and astounding nine percentage point gain.

The President appearing recently at a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida zeroed in on the economy, and how it is benefiting woman, saying, “The women’s unemployment rate is the lowest in more than 65 years and soon will be a record low.”

Beyond economic issues, women at the rally who supported Trump in 2016 told Fox News that the other top issue on their minds heading into 2020 is immigration and the President’s tough approach.

“I think I like the fact that he’s kind of out there, kind of wild, and he’s not afraid to address the issues,” said Irene Fowlas. “He’s not afraid to be for opposition. He knows how to address issues head-on.”

Another rally supporter said Congress needs to do more, especially those in the Republican Party sitting on the sidelines saying, “I think that Congress needs to do something,” adding, “They need to support our President and so do the Republicans. … I’m sick of them not supporting him. He’s up here trying to do everything all by himself. It’s not fair.”

Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary for the 2020 Trump campaign, appearing on Fox News emphasized that “He (Trump), talks about women just like he would talk to a typical American voter.”

Adding, “Democrats pander to women. President Trump acts for women and speaks to women.”

The President thus far during early fundraising efforts for 2020 has already received well over 30 million dollars in the first quarter alone, while the actual campaign season is still almost a year out.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in a recent statement said, “The results of the Trump economy, including near record-low unemployment for women, translates into enthusiasm, donations, and ultimately, votes.”

Adding, “Just as President Trump has delivered on his promises, women voters will be an integral part of President Trump’s successful re-election in 2020.”

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  1. I am a woman and I absolutely, unequivocally do not support Donald Trump. No Nazi is, or has ever been, a “very fine person.” If I am ever in agreement with a Nazi supporter, I will know I have taken a very wrong turn somewhere in my life. This has nothing to do with being conservative or liberal; it has to do with being a decent person and a patriot. I have asked to be removed from your list. I suspect most other women will follow.

    • I am a woman and do support our president. He is the only one who stands up for equality for women. I have first hand experience in the inequality endured by so many of us when it comes time for promotions and pay increases in the corporate world. And yes, many of us are the proverbial bread winner for our families. We have had women politicians ignore this for several decades, while lining their own pockets. The fact that so many of us believe in President Trump and donate to his campaign should make you stop and question if you are truly seeing what he is doing for women, or if you are merely listening to the socialist rhetoric from CNN and the like.

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