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Music Literacy At An All Time Low

Music is a language that never leaves the brain. In dementia patients, music is the one memory that is kept.

If you turn on a tune for a patient with Alzheimer’s or even Parkinson’s disease, you’ll find that their alertness returns in the moment. A patient will sing. One will dance. Music literacy has dropped in American.

Music programs were one of the first to be cut from public school education due to federal budgetary restrictions.

1.3 million children lost access to music programming across the United States and 1:3 parents said that their child had less than one year of music education.

A few magnet schools in various parts across the country included music concentration as an area of study, but it took a backseat to other forms of academia such as STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Still what a disservice to youth. Students who study music have demonstrated increased proficiency in problem-solving for math and science.

Learning how to play a musical instrument provides many health benefits such as reduction of blood pressure, an ability to concentrate and release stress and anxiety. Listening to music, such as Baroque can increase critical thinking skills, and some students scored as much as 2.1 points higher after consistent exposure to classical music on their IQ tests.

Today, however, less than 11 percent of Americans are able to read music well, and less than 6 percent say that they are able to at a professional level. To compete in the field of music, the edge can be found in individuals who understand music theory, can read notes, and understand the complex composition of a musical score.

Parents who provide their children access to music education through private music lessons are encouraged to share their desire for music programs to return to public schools and to push for a return to musical literacy.

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