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Sexting: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Don’t sext. Ever.

That’s the advice I tell all of my children and any person who ever asks me what I think about the subject. Humans were wired for intimacy so when it comes to sharing secret facts about ourselves, and texting with a person you care about, it can seem ‘okay’ to make an exception when asked to do it.

Still, I say I don’t send a text you’ll regret later. It’s a bad idea and some decisions you just can’t take back. Sending something so personal about yourself that really no one should have a right to see except under your control is to be guarded and protected as much as possible.

Sexting removes the control barrier, and if a person sends a sext message without invitation, it’s a signal that their boundaries may be poor, and that indicates to me that something is wrong.

As a parent, I’ve already had conversations related to sexting with my kids, and started to have that talk by the time they could hold a cell phone.

How to handle sexting is a conversation all parents need to have with their teenager, and tweenagers, too. According to Pew Research and The Pew Internet & American Life Project, 15 percent of teenagers ages 12-17 have already received an unwanted sext message, and 4 percent have sent one out themselves.

Personally, I would never sext. Photos are forever. There are stories of sexting leading up to suicide by individuals who feared that their photos would go viral based upon a threat of another person that they once trusted as an intimate friend or partner.

Youth are often intimidated into sending sext messages when fear of losing someone they care asks for a nude in order to convince them of trust or that there’s enough desire to win their affection back.

Each day, people send out 94 text messages to people on their cell phones, and communication via text has become a normal way of life, but to sex, that’s next level.

A person may not realize it, but sexting can be illegal in some states, especially among minors. Sexting can lead to depression, and even if you send a text to someone you think you will marry or already have today, that doesn’t mean it won’t become tomorrow’s problem. Because that’s how the world is.

It’s sad when most women’s magazines encourage women to sext or try to teach them how to sext safely. Is there really a ‘safe way to sext’? In my opinion, the only safe way to send a nude, is not send one at all.

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Aria Gmitter writes about parenting and political matters affecting the family.


  1. If you look up the mane Paige Duke,you can see the consequnces of taking nude photos

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