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Harry’s Masculinity Report: A New Men’s Happiness Survey

Chivalry is not dead! Masculine men with integrity, who love their wives and are hard working still exist. The key to finding a good guy starts with searching for a smile.

What makes for a happy man and how do men define joy? Some would define happiness as a mental state of being. Abraham Lincoln, one of the most successful presidents of all time once said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Interestingly, before Lincoln took the office he struggled with severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

Today, more men experience a great sense of depression, and if you love one, you may see it as your job make him happy by making a great meal, being a supportive partner and doing things together. When he still seems moody, withdrawn, complacent or disinterested in the family or life altogether, what in the world is wrong? Is it you? Could it be his mindset?

According to Harry’s Masculinity Report, it could be that he hates his job. The male happiness survey was first performed in the UK and then repeated in the United States asked 5,000 men between the ages of 18-95 what made them happy as determined by PMI, (Positive Mindset Index).

The areas of inquiry covered the areas of happiness, confidence, sense of being in control, emotional stability, motivation and optimism. Men who recorded highest on the happiness scale stated that they felt a strong sense of purpose with their jobs.

American men who enjoyed what they did for a living were more than 94 percent happier than those who did not. Satisfying work gave these men a sense of purpose and fulfillment. In fact, their careers was a strong indicator of the second most important factor to a quality male, good health.

Men who took care of their bodies and minds also reported a greater sense of happiness than individuals who did not. Third on the list was income and fifth, marriage. Interestingly, the majority of men who reported themselves happiest of all were married and in their mid-50s.

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  1. Men need to man up and get back to the basics of what the Bible says about us. We are to be the leaders and protectors and defenders of our families. We need to be the spiritual leaders and less attached to what the world says we should be, or act or do. Get into a good Bible believing church and take your family. get into a men’s Bible study and encourage your family. Quit being led by the nose because the world tells you to or you dont know any better. God established the order…Adam, then Eve. Look what happened when Adam didn’t step up and take the leadership role in the garden. You will only find true joy and peace from knowing Christ. Work on your relationship with Him….

    • I agree. Glad you got that message. Women have been blamed for the fall since the beginning of time.

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