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Ex Teacher Says Children Are Being Experimented On

Maria Keffler, a mother and former teacher of Arlington School districts states, “Arlington, your children are being experimented on.”

A new type of human sexuality lesson is being taught to youngsters attending public schools, and it involves gender fluidity.

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It doesn’t matter if you want that lesson taught or not, you may not even know it’s coming to your own school.

The lesson starts off simple enough. An advocate will be invited to read a book to your child.

The book being used in Arlington is titled ‘I am Jazz” according to one parent who showed up to listen in.

Keffler’s reaction has prompted a warning to other parents who want time to prepare, opt-out or participate in the dialogue.

The message seems simple and clear enough, “You can be anything, and that includes being a transgender,” but according to Keffler, a former teacher, the methods being used are questionable. Part of their outreach involves partnerships with Arlington Gender Identity Allies.

According to Ms. Keffler, parents are not being informed in a timely fashion with notices being given without an opt-out clause. Letters sent out gave less than 1 week’s notice to parents to respond.

The actions of implementing a new policy, to Keffler, seem unnecessary since the school has a nondiscrimination policy in place. The difference? The new policy focuses on gender fluidity issues alone.

The district’s new policy comes with an agenda: to teach youth as young as 5-years old about issues surrounding transgenderism. The school district began the implementation of their new district policy in February.

Arlington’s Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students policy shows a timeline of outreach events are listed from 2018 – 2021.


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About Aria Gmitter

Aria Gmitter writes about parenting and political matters affecting the family.


  1. WhAT A LOAD OF BULL. There is no way this is even possible. Stop spreading tripe like this

  2. I thank God my kids are middle aged.

  3. I am a parent and a mental health expert (since 1994) with gender dysphoric adults, less so with teens and not at all with children–because we don’t have enough data and won’t for some time, for one thing, in my opinion. So I am conservative about diagnosing teens but am proactive about educating parents and teachers of teens and children to realize that if you have a student population of 500, you have a good chance of 2-4 students already having an internal, unspoken sense that something’s not quite right with their sense of identity around gender. Reading them a story will not turn a cisgender (non-gender conflicted) student into a transgender one. No more than when I saw the original Mary Poppins movie at age 7, did I think I was going to grow up to be her–although I played MP for weeks, even making the buttoned boots out of grocery bags and crayons and rubber bands! I got over it within a few months.
    But for a secreted child with gender conflicts, it can be a life saver to hear from an adult role model, some endorsement for who they might be. In this era of high youth suicide (age 7 is the youngest recorded suicide, according to, if I recall correctly, the American Federation for Suicide Prevention). No competent therapist puts a kid on hormones; that’s the parents’ decision at Tanner Stage 1 or 2 of puberty, IF the treatment team and parents agree this kid is for real, needing that treatment to not be utterly miserable.
    Thanks for letting me express why I hope readers don’t terrify themselves with educating children about the possibility of seeing themselves and feeling hope rather than despair and shame, in hiding.

  4. More reason to get your kid out of government schools! Instead of educating, they are indoctrinating and confusing young minds. And they graduate without learning to read, write, spell and even speak correctly!

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