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Woman Attacks Husband When He Fails To Call Her ‘Pretty’

Self-esteem is basically a person’s confidence in themselves and can lead to a person having either great charisma or terrible depression…depending on whether the person has high or low self-esteem within themselves. Most people fail to understand the power in having confidence in oneself, and as a result, they don’t understand how certain decisions that they make are actually influenced by their level of self-esteem.

One woman recently proved this theory when she allowed her low self-esteem to intervene, and she ended up attacking her husband when he went radio silent after she asked him if she was pretty. If she had confidence in her own looks, she wouldn’t have gone nuts the moment he failed to provide her with her needed stamp of self-approval.

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The woman in question is Lizeth Ramirez, 20, and she reportedly asked her husband if she was pretty while they were at the movies. When he failed to answer her, she left the theater in a huff. As they drove home, she beat him repeatedly while he drove and then continued beating him when they got home. The husband called the police because he could not control her, and neither could the other folks in the home who also received her wrath when they attempted to calm her down. All of this over her need to hear her husband tell her that she’s pretty.

Unfortunately, there are a number of individuals throughout the world who are in need of approval from others in order for them to feel good about themselves. They can be found on social media and you will always know who they are based on the number of selfies they post and how often they check their status to see how many ‘likes’ their picture received. There have been reports that the need for some to receive approval online has led to their depression and their inability to cope with criticism. This is both unhealthy and abnormal to say the very least.

It seems that the need to deal with issues of self-esteem begins at an early age and must be gently balanced so that a person does not become conceited, or of the belief that the world revolves around them. Parents have a very tough role in ensuring that their children are raised with high self-esteem. Most parents attempt this by praising their children when they do something great, but at the same time not overly praising them for fear that the child will continually look for others to do the same.

So how can one ensure that they do not become the next Lizeth Ramirez? If you know that you suffer from low self-esteem and you have feelings of inadequacy, there are things that you can do to improve your confidence right away.  Journalist Deborah Ward shares a few steps in Psychologies that any person who feels unacceptable or unlovable can do to turn their confidence in themselves around. First, she suggests that a person lives in the moment by choosing their actions consciously and wisely.

“You must remain unaffected by the hurts of your past and unconcerned by worries or hopes about the future,” Ward writes. Second, she suggests that people keep journals so that they can collect their thoughts and feelings. “Writing about the way we feel and think can help to separate negative ideas about ourselves from the truth of who we really are,” states Ward in her essay. Finally, Ward suggests that individuals take a few moments every day to be still, focus on their breathing and watch their worries drift away like clouds. These are only a few suggestions, but they just might help when feelings of self-esteem are extremely low.

Lizeth Ramirez could have truly benefited from the suggestions of Ms. Ward and, had she followed the steps, she would probably feel better about herself…rather than facing jail time and a fine for assault. Take heed to your feelings so that you can avoid making foolish mistakes as a result of low self-esteem. Take the time to acknowledge how you feel about yourself so that you do not find out the hard way that your confidence is in need of a major boost.

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